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6/15/13 6:18 P

just an fyi as you lose weight your ranges tend to go up not down. in other words, the amount of a deficit you have decreases, which in turn means your ranges go up to maintenance ranges.

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6/15/13 2:43 P

You would have to go to the goal page and save that too. I was just thinking it would be easy to do the same time as your weight because its just a few extra clicks.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
6/15/13 2:01 P

Be a tracker

6/15/13 1:27 P

@YOJULEZ - Thank you sooooooooo much for responding.

To be clarify, when I "weigh-in" I go to the weight tracker, put my weight in and Save.

Is that correct, or do I, in fact, need to keep changing my overall goal in order to see the numbers change (after ~20 lb. loss)?

Thank you! :)

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6/15/13 11:00 A

One habit you can get into is every time you record your weigh-ins, also go in and resave your goal. You don't have to do anything other than reclick the save button. That way it'll reset your numbers every time you put in your weight. It probably won't change much until you've lost around 20lbs though.

6/15/13 9:57 A

@KELLY_SP - My apologies for the confusion. I was totally referencing the NUTRITIONAL tracker and the the fitness tracker! OMY!

Thank you for the reference material. It was very informative. However my question is:

Question: As I lose weight does the Nutritional tracker adjust itself or does all the recommended nutrition numbers for intake stay the same?

My fear is after a several weeks (thinking positive) I am really into this and start losing more weight that the numbers on the Nutritional tracker will stay and not adjust accordingly causing me to "peak" and be left on my own to figure things out. Does that make sense? I've become VERY dependent on the Nutritional Tracker to tell me what to do and don't want to lose the "support" as I move along.

@YOJULEZ - I was really hoping that as I track my weight and the numbers goes down on the scale that the Nutritional Tracker would adjust itself based on the weight tracker to help keep me moving.

I'm doing really good keeping focused and motivated but not so sure I'll have much continued success without the help of the nutrition tracker being accurate and up-to-date with my weigh-in's.

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6/13/13 3:57 P

I'm not sure if you are looking for help with the fitness tracker or the nutrition tracker because you are referencing both. Here is a great article to help you understand how SparkPeople determines your daily nutritional goals.

Additionally, if you make changes to your weight goal page or your fitness goal page, your Nutrition Tracker settings may change if they need to (but they may not need to change either if you are already on the low end).

Be well,

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6/13/13 3:49 P

It does not automatically adjust. But, all you have to do is go to the page where you put in your goals, and just resave it, and if any adjusting needs to be done, it'll do it when you save.

6/13/13 3:36 P

I'm a newbie to the fitness tracker and am wondering ...

As you lose weight does the fitness tracker adjust itself and decrease the amount of what's "allowed" for you to consume in a day?

I'm hoping so as I'm feeling really motivated and want the tracker to work for more than a 2 week span.

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