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3/10/13 10:46 A

Thanks very much!! emoticon

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3/10/13 9:08 A

I know I'm a bit out of the mainstream here sometimes, but my own advice would be simply to do whatever you find mentally easiest to sustain, first. Starting an exercise program and keeping it up is HARD -- I have tried and failed at it more times than most here have tried and failed at dieting, and you need to be as easy on yourself as possible in order to keep it going.

Absolutely anything you could do is beneficial in one way or another, but it's the simple habit of exercising that is what is needed in the long term. Once that habit is established, then I think is the time to worry about doing it "right".

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3/10/13 6:19 A

Any good exercise program includes both cardio AND strength training.

As Jess says, without ST, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle. And it's a lot easier to maintain your existing muscle through even a moderate ST program, than it is to add it back later.


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3/10/13 5:15 A

You should be focusing on both strength and cardio. While cardio will burn more calories in the short term don't be fooled by the instant gratification! Strength training will help you to lose maintain lean muscle (which you want) and ensure that the majority of your weight loss is from fat, since without ST up to 25% of your weight loss can come from muscle and other body tissue. After you have lost the fat you will have lovely muscles to show off. Don't worry about looking bulky, you won't. I have been strength training for 13 months and I haven't! You will just look lean, 'toned', and hot!

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3/10/13 1:43 A

Question ....

I am new to this site, to exercising, and start healthy living, I was thinking today while at the gym ... I have a lot of weight to lose...

How should I do my work out?

Should I do cardio and Strength training together?

Or should I be mainly focusing on Cardio?

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