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Strength training works by creating microscopic tears in the muscle fibers, which then grow back stronger. But it takes time for this to happen, and most experts recommend resting 48-72 hours between strength training sessions, which implies just 2-3 ST sessions per week. So for example, Mon, Wed, Fri would be fine, but Tues, Wed, Sat wouldn't give you 48 hours between ST sessions. It is fine however to do cardio on a ST rest day (cardio works the muscle in a very different way).

When it comes to ST, doing more is not really better. The main dimension of quality of an ST workout is how challenging it is - the heavier and more challenging each rep is, the better. So repeating a video isn't really much benefit. If you feel you can do more, I'd recommend a different video entirely, so that you work a different collection of muscles.

But I notice you mention upper body and core videos, but make no mention of lower body. The lower body muscles are the largest and strongest in the body, and will give you the most bang for your ST buck. They should definitely not be omitted. Your ST program should definitely work each of upper body, lower body and core, before you consider repeating a muscle group.

While it isn't wrong to do different muscle groups in the morning or evening, it is probably better to do them together:
1. You don't have to remember what videos you did when to ensure your muscles get 48, rather than just 36 hours rest.
2. As you are already warmed up, it is probably more time efficient to do them all at once.


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Hi, I've always been taught no question is a stupid question so here goes.....

I'm putting together my weekly exercise program and I am doing 5 days/week cardio - minimum 30 minutes. Most of this is on my treadmill, but I'll also do some DVD's to mix it up. I've done cardio on and off throughout my life and understand this concept.

I am struggling with knowing what to do with the strength training as I have never done this in my life before. I found two SP videos that I was thinking of doing 3 time a week. One is the 12 minute seated core workout and the other is the 6 minute upper body workout with ball. I did these yesterday one after the other and for me they were quite hard because I have no muscle in my arms, but I quite enjoyed doing them.

I've since seen other videos such as push ups on walls etc.

I'm just a bit lost about how much to do and which ones to do. If I stick with the two above do I just do them once a day i.e. is the 6 minute one designed just to be only 6 minutes for a reason - what if I felt like I could do it again making it 12 minutes? Or should they be done twice a day at separate times, three days a week? Or just the once a day and if I want to do more, I select a different video? I'm really confused as you can tell. Can anyone help me with advice so I can finish designing this program of mine?

Thanks in advance!

PS just thought of another question - do I need 1 or 2 rest days and if 2 then do they need to be together or can I pick any 2 days that I won't exercise? Thank you !!

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