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7/13/12 9:52 A

My friend is a certified Raw Food Chef and she told me that if I eat an iron dense food such as spinach or kale that I should pair it up with something rich in vitamin C such as red peppers, etc.

By doing this I have maintained the appropriate amounts in my blood.

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7/13/12 9:36 A

One study reported that adding just 63 mg of vitamin C to a meal rich in nonheme iron yielded a 2.9-fold increase in iron absorption (Fidler et al 2009). Unfortunately it becomes very difficult to predict since many nutritious, healthful foods (egg protein, phytic acid in grains and legumes, tannic acid in tea and fiber to name a few) contain iron absorption inhibitors. Some studies have shown that extra vitamin C does help though and since it is a water soluble vitamin, it certainly isn't gong to hurt anything.

You can learn more here --

Hope that helps ---

Coach Tanya

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7/12/12 11:22 P

For about 3 weeks, I have been eating iron sources with Vitamin C sources because I was told that it helps absorb the iron.

My RD gave me a list of "excellent iron sources," "good iron sources," and "vitamin C sources." I have felt more energetic since I made the changes!!

The list she gave me says, "Good iron sources need the help of Vitamin C to be absorbed by the body."

I've been eating:
Fortified cereal with strawberries
Spinach with cabbage
raisins with strawberries

I also make sure I eat:
eggs, chicken, beef, and beans.

My sheet also says, "Drinking tea with your meals can keep your body from absorbing iron."


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7/12/12 8:46 P

I was reading one of the articles today which made me think.

My understanding is this:
* Spinach is high in iron but it has oxalic acid, which binds much of that iron and makes it unavailable to your body.
* Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron.

So my question is, does having a source of vitamin C with spinach "unbind" any of that bound iron or does it just help absorb what's not bound in the first place?

Anyone know?

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