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7/12/14 7:21 P

I understand. Thank you for the responses!
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7/11/14 2:06 P

It would be better to have them measure more points, but the excess skin shouldn't impair it that much because when you pull the skin and fat away from the body to measure it, it measures how thick it is, not how much skin is there. So even if you have a lot of skin, it's not all going to be in the pinch of the calipers -- it will be the same thickness with or without the excess skin. But having them measure in more places will help give you a more accurate reading.

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7/11/14 12:48 P

Yes, excess skin can skew caliper results, especially if they are doing the 3 point test. For a lower margin of error, ask your PT to do the 9 point test instead. Pinching more regions of your body will give you a better reading/result.

Your PT will give you an estimate. So, they might say you have a body fat range of 22-25% once the measurements and calculations are completed.

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7/10/14 10:11 P

I have some extra skin in my abdomen due to pregnancy/stretch marks (and possibly weight loss). Will this impair the accuracy of caliper measurement of my body fat percentage? Thanks for your response!


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