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JESSY3035 Posts: 359
10/10/11 6:11 P

Thanks for the responses. It was just a question while I watched the show. Here's the show I saw if anyone is interested:
I see yoga as an excerise too. Just like dancing some Christians think it's demonic, but it's excerise too.

BCARSON11 Posts: 16,588
10/10/11 3:55 P

I do a lot of yoga and have been to a lot of yoga workshops with national yoga celebrities. At no time has any of them referred to yoga as a religion or preached any religious ideas. For me, yoga is a form of exercise. It is no more related to religion than weight training or a cardio workout. It is just an important part of a complete exercise program.

10/10/11 1:42 P

I've heard the notion before, that because yoga is associated with a non-Christian tradition it should be avoided by Christians. Personally, I think that's hogwash. Yoga as it's generally practiced in America (by people like me, who are looking for exercise and greater flexibility) has about as much to do with demonic possession as standing in line at a Starbucks does. Which is to say, none. (I suspect these are the same "Christians" who say that Catholics are pagans because their churches have stained glass windows in them.)

But then I believe that God gave us our bodies to rejoice in them, and yoga is the most joyful exercise I know. It connects myself with me, and I feel calmer, happier when I'm done. That seems to me to be the opposite of demonic possession.

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10/10/11 10:56 A

Is yoga a Religion?
"Without credos or congregations, the practice can't be regarded as religion—unless we say that each yogi or yogini comprises a religion of one"
(reference and full article on above question)

My yoga instructor said one is considered a yogi if one practices yoga. Awakening a demonic influence doing yoga is as ludicrous as thinking walking your dog, riding your bike or doing your laundry would awaken a demonic influence.

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10/10/11 10:52 A

The question would be, do you, or have you ever felt any demonic spirit when you've done yoga? I never have, I've never met anyone who has. This truly seems like an outrageous claim, but ultimately it needs to come from how you feel about yoga. For me, it relaxes me, relieves stress and I feel detoxifies me. So I'll stick to my occasional yoga.

BLOSSOM2344 Posts: 65
10/10/11 10:49 A

A quick search on Wikipedia can teach you about the different Yoga practices, their origins, goals & philosophies. Most people are going to get out of it what they put into it. If you are seeking physical excercise to improve balance & flexibility, yoga postures can help.
Educating yourself is a remarkably effective method for getting rid of the demons of ignorance, manipulation and fear.

10/10/11 10:38 A

That's pretty much the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life.

First off, while yoga can be practiced as part of a sort of religion, the vast majority of yoga studios and classes and videos and whatever else out there are just workouts. It takes a lot more than just attending a yoga class to actually be practicing it as a form of religion.

Second, the people I know who actually ARE real practicing yogis are some of the warmest, calmest, most caring, least demonic people I have ever met in my life. The idea that doing yoga could awaken a "demon" in you is just plain stupid, and it's pretty darn insulting.

It's a little bit like saying that because you are praying, you are automatically Christian. Prayer can be part of any religion - what makes the prayer Christian (or Jewish, or Hindu, or whatever), are the intentions and mindset of the person doing the praying. It's a generic action, not one aligned with a single specific religious outlook.

Personally? I'm certainly not a practicing yogi, but when I do yoga, all I feel is a sense of calm and peace. A far cry from "awakening demons," I assure you. It's one of the best things I have found for unwinding and releasing and relieving stress from my life. If anything, that sense of peace and calm brings me closer to God, not farther away.

KEEN2OQE Posts: 230
10/10/11 10:32 A

Fear is a common response to something we don't understand. But it is a false response.

10/10/11 10:30 A

Like Cheetara, my demonic influences are mostly predicated by caffeine, however, if i perform yoga after drinking 3.5 redbulls, and exactly 1.75 shots of espresso, I turned into a mystical supercreature known as Gorak The Terrible, whos bloodlust can only be satiated by 300 repetitions of downward facing dog followed by warrior pose, and some centered breathing.

ELISAJANE57 Posts: 763
10/10/11 10:25 A

No! I am Christian too. I don't think of Yoga as a religious thing anyway. It's just a way to work on my strength and flexibility. I do enjoy how relaxing it can be, if you are in a quiet place with yoga music playing. If I wanted to apply it in a religious way, it would be to clear my mind and feel inner peace. I often walk away from yoga feeling more peaceful and calm. Demons? That's crazy talk to me, but that's just my opinion.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,940
10/10/11 10:21 A

No. My demonic spirit only awakens if I drink to much Red Bull.

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JESSY3035 Posts: 359
10/10/11 10:04 A

I do yoga to help my balance. I watched a Christian show last night that had a expert talking about Christian yoga. She said that there is no such thing as Christian yoga and that's like saying "Christian Hinduism." She also said it awakes a demonic spirit. My question is for Christian and non-Christians: Do you feel any demonic spirit when do yoga or after you do yoga?

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