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3/16/14 12:42 P

I wear my Fitbit at work and record the number of steps I take in a day, which is synced with my fitness on Spark. I like seeing how many steps I move, and trying to come up with ways to move more while I am working. However, despite the fact that Spark tracks those steps as exercise, I do not count them and try to compensate for them when I eat. As others have said, you adapt to things you do all the time, so your body becomes more efficient. Also, you may feel like you are moving a lot, but if you look at how many steps you are taking, it may be far less than you think. Still, an on-your-feet job does burn more calories than a desk job.

On the other hand, when I was in college, I spent a couple summers working in a warehouse and loading and unloading 40 pound boxes from trucks all day. That sure as heck counted as exercise and I ate like a maniac and lost weight both summers.

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3/16/14 6:53 A

I wouldn't track it as exercise, for a number of reasons:
* we all got to the weight we are by doing what we do. So to lose weight, we need to do more. Tracking work as exercise could lead you into a false sense of security.
* Your body gets more efficient (ie. burns fewer calories) at anything you do regularly. You are likely burning fewer calories than someone new doing that same job.
* While work may be active, it is typically stop/start and doesn't get your heart rate elevated for an extended basis in the same way as exercise does.

The more normal way to allow for this is through a lifestyle factor. It is generally reckoned that a sedentary lifestyle burns about 20% in addition to your metabolism. A more active job may increase this to 30-40%.


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3/15/14 11:12 P

If your goal is 96 lbs, I'd say work and still do additional exercise. Depending on what your exercise program is like, you may not need to workout every day. What are you currently doing to workout? Congrats btw on your 5 lbs so far!

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3/15/14 10:43 P

my goal is to lose 96 pounds (120). And I was at 190 and now at 185. I am doing good especially when I cut all fast foods (and that's easy for me). And thanks for commenting

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3/15/14 10:38 P

Since you have an active lifestyle by having an active job, I would just change your setting to a more active lifestyle. I wouldn't count work as exercise because it would throw off your settings too much.

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3/15/14 10:31 P

I think it counts as exercise, but whether or not it's exercise that will help you lose weight/keep healthy is debatable. In order to "exercise" you need to get your heart rate up for a length of time and while working at McDonald's is definitely more "active" than an office job, if your goal is to lose weight, I don't think it will be enough to lose significant amounts. It's all relative to your goals though. So the question I have for you is, what is your goal?

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3/15/14 9:48 P

im not sure if its considered exercise or not but house cleaning is actually listed on the fitness tracker so you may want to time your cleaning and use that as exercise

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3/15/14 9:29 P

Hi, I have been working 6/7 hour shifts and coming home then exercising and I was just wondering if you could put work as exercise. It may be a silly question but to me its just work. I work at McDonalds ( I stopped ordering there food) and I move around all those hours non-stop. If that's counted as exercise, what would I put down as the exercise? I am a part time cashier register and I clean, walk back and forth, and bend, sometimes lift (light to heavy objects). Thanks for answering. emoticon

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