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4/24/13 8:17 A

Cause I have to walk my daughter to school I now am walking a hour in morning and an hour in the afternoon

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4/24/13 8:08 A

Thanks everyone! The last 15 minutes that I considered "strength" kept the heart rate going, but not as fast as the actual zumba. It was 15 minutes of stomach work, lunges and slower steps.

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4/24/13 12:52 A

Enter 15 minutes of zumba. Exactly how many calories off are we talking about here, anyway? Does it matter?

Remember all values are estimates. So you simply do the best you can, enter what seems the most right to you, and don't try to get it "exactly right". There is no such thing.

You might find those 15 minutes of zumba is only 100 calories. If you're going to one zumba class a week, that 100 isn't going to make much difference whether you track it and shouldn't have, or don't and should.

(And remember you carry on burning, and the ST burns *something* anyway, so it won't even be the full 100 calories 'off'. This is a no-panic deal. Do what you feel is right.)

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4/23/13 11:58 P

Could you be more specific about "more strength"? What kind of exercise were you doing?

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4/23/13 10:48 P


If your strength portion allowed you to keep your heart rate elevated during the segment, than you can use the 60 minutes. However if it was more traditional strength training, you may want to add in time for strength training into your Fitness quick tracker so that you get the fitness minutes credit, but you do not hyper-inflate your calories burn figure.

Does that help?

Coach Nancy

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4/23/13 10:33 P

I took a Zumba class and want to enter it in my workout tracker....but we did Zumba intense for 45 minutes and the last 15 of the hour were more strength. So do I put that I did Zumba for an hour, or do I put that I did it for 45 minutes?

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