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4/30/13 1:47 P

I only track pure water (no additives what so ever) even though all the tea I drink is unsweetened and the occasional pop is diet.

I want to try and get at least 8 glasses of water only. Anything else to me is a bonus. It was hard at first, but now, if I don't get the water (regardless of what else I drink), I still feel like I am thirsty.

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4/30/13 1:06 P


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4/30/13 10:14 A

Anything that you drink hydrates you, so yes, you can count it. Most people tend to count only water, or zero-calorie beverages (like unsweetened tea.) I personally count anything that hydrates me; I drink a lot of tea sweetened with stevia, and believe me, I stay well hydrated (so much so that I tend to pee clear by the end of the day!) so I count it.:)

The water tracker is for your personal use, so you use it the way it makes sense for you.

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4/30/13 10:06 A

I am following Spark's meal plans and when it suggests things with my meal like tea, coffee, milk, etc, should I count it in my daily water intake. I only drink actual water after my workouts, but I drink unsweetened tea all day so I log that in my cups of water. So, 2 days ago, I logged only 4 cups fluid, but I had a glass of something with every meal that Spark recommended.


Blessings, Michelle

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