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1/14/14 9:46 P

You're welcome. I hope it helped to answer some of the questions.

1/14/14 9:27 P

Thank you, Judy.

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1/11/14 7:04 P

There is a video on using the nutrition tracker, and here is a link to it:

Hope this helps. Welcome to SparkPeople.

1/10/14 10:39 A

I did find that if I go to the recipe tab and Browse..then type in a recipe name, several recipes will come up and it will show the username of who added the recipe and I was able to find the ingredients for that particular recipe. As far as deleting items from your menu that you don't want.....there is a little x in a circle ( in red) right after the item entered. Or if you have suggested menus, you can delete that option at the bottom of the nutritional tracker page under Snack 2 goals, It says Tracker Options. Hope this helps. A video would be nice,tho, Maybe there is one but I haven't found it yet either! Good luck!

1/10/14 12:15 A

I just want to say that is a great question. I find the meal tracker a little more complicated then I would like it to be. I tried adding my own foods only to not be able to find it the next time I wanted to add it to my menu. And how do you delete items from your menu that you do not want? The whole thing is very confusing to me and I would love it if they had some type of training video. To be honest that is why I quit weight watchers. I found the menu planner to complicated and the server kept crashing.

1/9/14 10:53 P

Hi! My question is ...if someone adds their own food on the tracker, how do I know what the ingredients are? I can find the nutritional value, but not the ingredients. I made Stuffed Pepper Soup and I typed that into the search box. It did come up but it had other people's names with it so I assumed that it was added by someone here. Is there somewhere to find the actual ingredients that made up that person's recipe? TIA....I'm still learning,

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