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2/8/12 11:57 A

I used to do mat pilates regularly. The results I experienced from taking a pilates class twice a week was a noticable difference in my stomach (much flatter and more toned) and much better posture. I'm pretty sure I lost inches in my midsection, but I didn't take any measurements at the time. I'm going to start doing pilates again this Thursday.

MSGNOME Posts: 555
2/8/12 11:21 A

I used to do pilates a lot and the main benefit I got was getting really flexible, and it does work your ab muscles. It's a nice compliment to a strength training program.

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2/7/12 2:04 P

Cool, I'll defiantly check them out, thanks!

2/7/12 1:55 P

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Since in general Pilates is not a strength training programme I suggest you use a strength training programme on the alternate days. There are few if any for sale DVDs which are quality strength training programmes however You Tube is a good source. There are two different strength training programmes in the General Discussion forum of the Spark team F.I.T. Females in Training. In addition there are four Tabata Protocol bodyweight workouts titled Kick Ass Workouts I-IV at the same location.

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2/7/12 1:30 P

Eating clean won't be a problem. (: I just want to get the right exercise program and once that's taken care of, then buy the clean food.
I walk to and from work everyday so I'm there, haha.
Are there any good workout DVDs that I could purchase to go along with and just to Pilates on off days?

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2/7/12 12:32 P

Nutrition nutrition and details to nutrition.. This woman is not the only woman I know whom can't be bothered with cardio, but loss weight and look great- well watch the film and decide how important nutrition really is and firm up the giggle with strength training..
I use energy in my daily life to get from a to z on foot- I don't own a car so those 10,000 steps are in the house easy aka heart and bone welfare covered....

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2/7/12 12:29 P

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Any exercise "guru" who sells something touting the ability to spot reduce is deliberately misleading consumers. Nutrition controls fat loss and your genetics will determine where that fat loss occurs. Exercise is to make you fit and improve your overall health not for fat loss so your best option is to do as mentioned below by the the other posters adopt a full body training programme based on strength training and add cardio for heart health.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,786
2/7/12 11:26 A

There's no way to target fat loss to specific areas of the body. It will come from a healthy diet and regular exercise, but not from ab or thigh workouts. I'd recommend a full-body strength trianing routine that fatigues your muscles, 2-3 days per week. If your Pilates workout does that, great! If not, you might want to find something else that challenges your muscles a little more.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
2/7/12 11:25 A

You can't spot reduce fat. Fat loss comes (mainly) from nutrition. 80% of weight loss is nutrition. Exercise is important because it builds muscle (ST) which burns fat more effieiciently, and it can burn more calories (typically through cardio), which ocmbined with a caloric deficeit nutritionally gets your weight loss going. But no specific exercise is going to cause you to lose fat from any area of your body. Where you lose and how fast you lose it and when in your journey you lose it is pretty much up to genetics. Pilates will build muscle underneath the fat, butit won't really cause it to go away on its own.

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2/7/12 10:58 A

So I just got lent Hit the Spot - Pilates by Denise Austin and I've read lovely reviews on it. My body isn't really out of shape, it's just jiggly, haha. The fat I have is the lose kind (which is nice), so she told me about Pilates.
There wasn't a workout guide (since it's very customizable), so I was thinking about rotating abs/waistline and thighs/buttocks to an every other day.

Is this a good workout to start to lose some stomach and thigh fat? Suggestions and recommendations would be awesome!

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