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5/17/13 10:28 A

oh ok , thank you very much
and i will read up on that calorie cycling, i dont know what that is

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5/17/13 8:56 A

in general it would be better to try and eat between your bottom range and 200 cals below your top range rather than 200 cals below your range. for many people, when you eat too little to make up for an overage it primes you to overeat again because you ate too few calories. and while it's less of an issue with a 200 cal difference, when you start getting into the 500 and up range it becomes a bigger issue.
if you would like to try calorie cycling, start reading up on it to see if it would be something you want to do.
one other thing to think about is that your ranges are based on loss. which means that as long as you are set to lose 1/2lb per week [that's a 250 cal a day deficit] then this particular overage isn't enough to put you into your maintenance ranges. and eating up to your maintenance ranges on occasion isn't an issue. so if you are set to lose a pound a week, eating 200 cals over your ranges means that you're still eating in a loss range, just a slightly slower one than the one you set.

TANJAB4 SparkPoints: (3,138)
Fitness Minutes: (2,661)
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5/17/13 8:43 A


My question is the following, if i ate yesterday 200 calories over my calorie limit , could i eat today 200 calorie less to make it up for it???

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