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1/21/13 10:02 P

Thanks Becky!! That answered my question. I have both meal replacement shakes and protein shakes and I have been confused about what to do to achieve the best results for meal replacement with enough protein to keep me satisfied.

1/21/13 8:15 P

A meal replacement shake is different than a protein shake.
To replace a meal it should contain the correct blend of carbs, protein and fat. Usually about 200-250 calories. 10 grams protein, 30-40 grams carb, etc.

Most protein supplements do not contain the correct blend. Most folks are using a protein shake when they should be using a meal replacement shake like: ensure, boost, slimfast, carnation instant breakfast drink, etc.

Dietitian becky

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
1/21/13 8:10 P

I also use Syntha 6, and I just look at it as a meal replacement. I do drink it post workout typically, but it's usually if I'm in a hurry and don't have time to cook something, but want to eat within that 1 hour post workout window. It is higher calorie than a lot of other protein shakes, so don't drink it "just because." Drink it because you need to supplement the calories. If you view it as unnecessary calories, or if you are having trouble staying within your calorie range, then perhaps it's a better idea to eat real food instead of the shake.

1/21/13 8:03 P

Why all the protein shakes?
Are you not reaching your minimum protein needs through food??


HEZZYLUNA Posts: 129
1/20/13 9:24 P

Very interesting. Thank you all! That leads me to a follow up question though... I work out before work in the mornings, so I also use the protein shakes as breakfast. Then when I get to work about an hour and a half later, I have like cottage cheese and fruit, or just some toast- something lighter than 150-200 calories as a sort of snack. Does that make any difference?

1/19/13 6:55 P

No, it does not matter which type---all of the ones you mentioned would work. It is a good post workout drink because it contains the correct balance of carbs and protein. Some other alternative milks would not work for they are too low in protein.


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1/18/13 7:56 P

That's interesting about the chocolate milk - I have actually heard that a few times recently and may try it out myself! Does it matter what kind of chocolate milk? Like regular, lowfat, soy, etc.

1/18/13 3:15 P

You need carbs and protein after a workout---not just protein.
As UNIDENT said, chocolate milk is a perfect blend for the job.
But so are other meals and snacks:

1/2 sandwich
cheese and crackers
cottage cheese and fruit
cereal with milk

Check out this article on what to eat after a workout:

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/18/13 2:30 P

The ideal post-workout snack is an 8oz glass of chocolate milk.

How large are these shakes?

A healthy protein/carb combo snack is recommended after any workout, but it is very likely that the shake exceeds your requirements.

In terms of helping to repair muscle to improve strength building it is only required after heavy strength training, not after cardio at all (although still a healthy protein/carb snack like choc milk after cardio!)

HEZZYLUNA Posts: 129
1/18/13 1:20 P


I have a question. I have a couple containers of the Syntha-6 protein shakes, and I make myself a shake after every workout- whether I just do cardio, strength, or both, easy, moderate, or hard. Is that the right thing to do? Or should I only drink them after an intense workout? I don't want to drink any unnecessary calories, or get too much unnecessary protein.

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