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10/9/11 3:26 P

I've never seen them dry; I think because they're made out of tofu it might be harder to make a dried version. Sorry -- I know they sound great (and my sister loves them) but I just can't make myself eat them either, so I don't blame your family!

10/9/11 3:05 P

Yes, I was wondering if the shiritaki noodles came in dry form that could be boiled like regular noodles. There supposed to be no or few calories but muy stomach can't handle the kind that comes in liqued that is rinsed of. I too prefer the spaghetti squash but thought if I could find the shiritaki in dry, I could use it in a cassarole in place of regular noodles for the entire family..

10/9/11 2:41 P

Are you talking about shiritaki noodles? If so, I don't think they come dry. They do smell when opened, and they retain a sour taste unless rinsed very well (the package says to rinse for a couple of minutes; but it's better to rinse them for 20-30 minutes). I don't like the taste or the texture of them; I just use spaghetti squash or zucchini ribbons instead.

10/6/11 9:36 P

I tried the wet packaged noodles form the store, they smell when opened and don't like the texture, can't get family to eat them and I can't afford to buy them for only myself. I want to know if these can be bought as a "dry" noodle form?

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