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4/26/12 5:49 P

Statistics opens up a huge range of career opportunities, both within and outside education. Every large business needs a statistician, and there's a HUGE need for it in educational publishing/assessment. It sounds like you're in the UK. Even if you don't do as much standardized testing as we do in the US, the two largest educational publishers, Pearson and Harcourt, are headquartered in the UK and have outsourced a lot of US educational statistics work to Dublin and London.

Boring? Maybe, but... I've never enjoyed or been good at math, but if I had more talent, I think statistics might be the branch I'd go into. It has clear, understandable, practical applications, but it's not just accounting. You get to look at real-world problems and use math to help define and solve them.

And on a purely material level, there are lots of well-paid jobs. You can even start making extra money while you're still in graduate school by running the stats on other students' theses and dissertations.

If you've got the skills to do it, I would definitely look into the stats angle, unless you really love theoretical math.

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4/26/12 3:42 P

The choice might really depend on the needs in your school district. Maybe talk with some math teachers and principles in your area to see which path has the bigger market. I'm not sure where you live or what grade level you teach, but I think of statistics as being more suited to college-level courses, whereas generalist math is suitable for students before they reach college.

4/26/12 10:39 A

Enjoying math and being talented at it are different things in my opinion. I like sports but excelled in music so Phys Ed was out for me and Music Ed was in even though I didn't like it as much as sports I was really good at music so I stuck with it (it came natural). Had I gone for phys ed I would have been laughed out of college, LOL!

Anyway, that's sound thinking about widening your options by pursuing another degree. I don't know the technical difference between the two maths except that statictics sounds boring to me.

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4/26/12 10:27 A

At the moment,I'm a full time English teacher, but I'm slightly disillusioned with the job and the school I work in. I'm looking to get a new job-hopefully in a new school, but at this stage I'm tempted to leave education as a career all together. I currently hold a BA in English, as well as Holding Qualified Teacher Status. I was considering pursuing a qualification in Maths (mostly because I just enjoy maths, but also because it widens my career options slightly). However, there are two similar options I can take: Mathematics, or Maths and Statistics.

Does anyone know what the differences are between them? Is Maths and Stats more specialised? What would people recommend-going for something more specialist, or being general?

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