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That is both incredibly funny and likely true. I "run" between a 10 and 12 minute mile, depending on my energy level, weather conditions, terrain, etc. Which means my dog mostly "trots" and never legitimately runs. If someone faster runs past, he tries to catch up to them. So he probably is asking other dogs at doggie day care how he can increase my speed :)

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5/31/13 11:04 A

Pure border collies need a lot of exercise. I used to run with mine. Whilst I was doing the run the dog would run in the fields jumping over the walls. They can do serious mileage...

In my view your dog is probably - at this moment - posting on a doggy forum somewhere saying -" my mistress seems to be having problems keeping up... do you think she needs supplements"?

5/31/13 10:56 A

Thanks Thepia! He must have been mixed with something *big* because he is actually around 80 lbs & incredibly muscular. I'll definitely look into the running boots as we live in the Midwest and it's already getting hot here. I try to run in the mornings so the road/pavement hasn't been baking all day. I think I'll make a rule for myself that he doesn't run with me unless it's in the morning, as an added precaution.

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5/31/13 10:44 A

I Recommend switching to the large breed version of the blue buffalo food you are feeding. This has a better calorie to fat ratio which will help keep him at the proper weight. It also has more glucosamine for his joints. Since he is already in a good quality food you should not need supplements, but it is never too early to start a large breed dog on a hip and joint supplement. Make sure you get a name brand. There is research out there to support that not every brand has the guaranteed amount in the bottle. I use Cosequin with my dog and it has been great.

I would suggest feeding about 4 cups per day to start when you switch the food. You may need to increase to 5 when the distance increases. (From the breed mix you said I'm assuming the dog is between 50 an 75 pounds)

Last but not least, take care of his paws. Invest in a pair of running boots for the dog. Make sure they are breathable. It's not fun if the dog burns his paws.

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5/29/13 2:27 P

One thing I watch for with my girl is how it affects her paws. Sometimes I walk/run on hot pavement and she's not a fan.

5/29/13 1:12 P

Thanks Coral! I think the max distance may depend on the dog, as well. I have an older border collie mix, and he'll run around the back yard on his own, and walk with me for miles, but he'll only jog for 1/2 a mile before he lays down and won't move. So now he's my "cool down" dog. I run with the younger one and then walk for 1/2-1 mile with the older one. :)
I found a couple of articles on line, neither of which encourage any kind of supplement, but say (1) feed your dog either with plenty of time before your run or after your run - *not* directly before and (2) up your dog's food a bit on long run days.

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5/29/13 12:38 P

Thanks for asking this question... I never really thought about it, but I run with my dog too and she gets worn out faster than I do, and she's a shepherd mix. We are slowly ramping up the mileage but after 4 miles she is basically ready to be done. My hubby did 6 miles with her once and he was dragging her after him, lol, so I try not to get to that point with her, but just like people they have to slowly build up the mileage over time. I never thought about whether she might need a little "extra" in her diet so thanks for asking.

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While googling the answer to this (I didn't find much) I did find this hilarious article about a dog who accidentally ran a half marathon, and ended up raising $13,000 for charity!

The other advice I found pretty much said to feed by weight; if he gains weight, cut back, if he loses, feed more. No one mentioned max mileage. Remember that most breeds are pretty much built for endurance.

5/29/13 11:04 A

Thanks! I did check with his vet and she said running with him is fine - I just forgot to ask about max mileage or whether to change his food. He's 3 years old and has boundless energy - trust me, if the leash it taut, it's because there's a faster runner *he's* trying to catch up to :)

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Running with a dog is SO awesome. I run regularly with my black lab/bird dog mix, and he's the perfect partner. Never complains about my pace (too slow!) and never seems to get tired. I haven't gone long distances with him yet, but dogs are built a bit differently than humans.

The best person to ask this of would be your vet; the answer is going to depend a lot on the breed and animal's history. The main thing is to build up JUST like people do. SP had a great blog on running with dogs (although it doesn't mention supplements.)

In general, I would assume the same tips you deal with for YOU would go for him. When you need a refueling break, give him one too. When you need water, give him some too. Watch his weight; sometimes when we exercise more frequently, I have to feed my dog more often because he'll start to lose weight more quickly and his ribs start to show. (He's a very lean mutt.)

If you haven't yet, it's probably time for a trip to the vet for a checkup to see how he's doing, and get any advice that the vet may have. :)

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5/29/13 10:59 A

I don't have experience, but I'd say check with his vet- if he's older or has health issues I say do that before you take him running. Try to pay attention to his behavior- does he slow down, seem sore/stiff after a run? Also, be careful to have some slack in the leash so you're not yanking him along and notice if it goes taut.

5/29/13 10:03 A

I run 3x/week with my border collie mix. I know to bring water with me for him, especially as it gets hotter, but I am wondering, as we add mileage (training for a 1/2 marathon in October and then a full in May - so we do two 3 milers and one longer - right now 4-5 miles but will ramp up as the weeks go by). Should I supplement his diet to make sure he's getting what his body needs? Right now he eats Blue Buffalo Salmon food.
Any other tips from people who run with their dogs? Are there distances you don't go over with them? The most my dog has run at once was 9 miles, but he was romping around the backyard two hours later, so it didn't seem to wear him out.


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