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1/13/13 5:58 P

Then try other terms. If you get no luck with "bicycle" try "bike", or "cycling".

Th treadmill is in there under just 'treadmill', and I think biking is either "cycling" or "biking".

You will need to note down the speeds you were going, as those are important too.

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1/13/13 5:45 P

Hi sorry I didn't explain correctly I find it hard entering what I have done as far as exercise on my tracker some words are not there or term

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1/13/13 4:53 P

I'm not quite understanding what your problem is. Are you having trouble remembering, or entering it, or what exactly?

To track that, you would track 20 minutes on the bicycle, 14 on the treadmill. Take a notepad if you need to in order to write down speed, resistance, etc.

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1/13/13 4:47 P

Ok when I work out in gym I'm finding it hard tracking my exercise or finding it while I'm trying to track it. Does anyone have any advice ??? As an example I ride the bicycle for 20 minutes , then treadmill 14 minutes then try and do various cardio workouts.

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