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2/8/13 8:48 A

thanks! i get mine in bulk so that's a bit harder..... but good suggestion anyways :)

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2/8/13 3:03 A

One thing to note-- pumpkin seeds are also called pepitas. There are a ton of entries in the Nutrition Tracker for these. Usually what I do for things like pepitas or dry roasted (no salt) soybeans or raw sunflower seeds, is take a few minutes to look at various entries that are already in the Tracker and compare the nutrition information to the package I've got in my hand, looking for a match. Rather than adding a whole new entry to the Tracker. Then I'll add the appropriate match to my "favorites" so I don't have to look again.

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2/7/13 1:33 P

Also: volume measurements with non-dense dry items like seeds and grains are inherently ... iffy. Or prone to a good amount of variation. You'll get more consistency with a weight measure in ounces or grams.

But as mentioned, the USDA or similar is good place to start. Their information gets incorporated into the SelfNutritionDate site, for example (
) ... I enjoy the graphs/charts.

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2/6/13 8:21 P

That's fabulous. Thanks.

2/6/13 7:38 P

I am going to send you to the USDA food database, which has several pumpkin seed options.

Click start and then enter Pumpkin Seeds in the search bar.

Hope this helps
Dietitian Becky

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2/6/13 7:17 P

I'm finding really inconsistent information about pumpkin seeds. How many calories are there in 1 T of pumpkin seeds? (Not the roasted ones, but the ones you would buy in a bulk store next to, say, sunflower seeds.)

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