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11/6/13 10:07 A

Thanks for the links. It's much appreciated.

Every year, we carve several pumpkins for Halloween (this year, we actually grew our own pumpkins in our garden!). I really like the seeds, but my husband LOVES the seeds and carefully collects them from every pumpkin. This year, he even got the seeds from my sister's pumpkins (she doesn't like the seeds). We always roast them in the oven. This year, we ended up with one of those gallon zip lock baggies 2/3 filled!

I always weigh out my pumpkin seeds...28 grams is what I put in a bowl. I think they are a great snack because they are tasty, packed with nutrients, it takes quite a bit of time to eat them in their shells (okay, it takes ME time to chew them up, somehow my husband can eat them quite rapidly) and they are definitely filling (at least with the shells on).


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11/6/13 3:38 A

We can't get all the pumpkin stuff in NZ - in fact, I don't even remember seeing a can of pumpkin. I regularly buy whole pumpkins in season (1/2 pumpkins when they are dearer and I have run out of my stored ones) because they are really good keepers, and they are generally quite cheap.

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11/6/13 3:38 A

About nutritional info for pumpkin seeds whole in the shell- if googling for key words plus calories doesn't find anything, it's probably safe enough to just use figures for shelled seeds. The shell probably doesn't add much calories, just a nice dose of fiber. Don't forget to also look for squash seeds in general, that might give you some idea.

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11/6/13 3:34 A

My mother always baked the pumpkin seeds in the oven every Halloween. I just buy them shelled... But it's easy to find recipes online for pumpkin and squash seeds. I did roast acorn squash seeds myself, I just remember adding oil and salt before putting them in the oven, checking and stirring frequently. Then eating whole. The only problem was they were so good... I ate them all fast! So squash/pumpkin seeds don't need to be shelled, it's all edible.

If you get shelled pumpkin seeds, you can just put them in a frying pan and shake periodically. Once they start popping - they are ready to eat (and burn if you're not careful). So you get pepitas without the oil and salt - they pop inward into the pepita little football shape.

You can even buy pumpkin seed butter. It's gloppy and like all seed butters needs something sweet added for most people although tastes vary and it really depends on what you're eating it with . I just mix with coconut oil, that's enough to take away any bitterness for me. I imagine you can mix it with peanut butter also for the same effect (works for sesame seed butter).

I have a bag of sprouted shelled pumpkin seeds in the fridge. They are really tasty by themselves, added to sandwiches or salads.

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11/6/13 2:13 A

Thank you for that link Becky :-) I eat TONS of pumpkin (baked, steamed, in soups, etc.) and in fact, eat it nearly every single day (o.k. .... I LOVE pumpkin LOL!) Anyway, I had never figured out how to deal 'process' the seeds, so I generally just biffed them, and BOUGHT the packaged ones! Now I can save that little bit of money :-)


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11/5/13 8:48 P

Pumpkin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, are rich in calcium and zinc and have a number of food minerals....of a number of magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, apart from iron, copper, protein and zinc. They are helpful in reducing blood levels of cholesterol and depression.

You might want to try Pepitas....Pepitas are great in salads or just for snacking. Shells.... there aren't any! 1 ounce is 170 Calories and they are high in high in protein. 1 Ounce has 8 Grams of protein making them a smart snack or salad addition

I buy mine at Super Walmart...ORALE brand in the Ethnic food section.


11/5/13 7:42 P

this SP article has the info for which you want:

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11/5/13 6:44 P

I'd just go with this:

Serving Size 33g (~1.2 oz.)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 160

I found many entries based on volume measurements but those aren't as accurate as measuring by weight.

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11/5/13 6:22 P

The only way I can think of to improve the nutrition is to get the unsalted ones and eat them in moderation and portion.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
11/5/13 4:17 P

It's that time of year again! That Post-Halloween time where I have a big zip lock bag full of pumpkin seeds...

But, I'm having a hard time finding any good nutritional information for unshelled pumpkin seeds. I eat the entire seed, shell and all.


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