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6/26/14 1:19 A

thanks for sharing this :)

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6/25/14 4:48 P

probably not to good of an idea, do something that doesnt include that leg. just walk maybe. at a slow pace.

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6/25/14 3:45 P


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6/25/14 11:03 A

The pain isn't sharp, quite dull. Chair exercises are definitely an option. No Dr's office for me thanks!

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6/25/14 10:54 A

How does the muscle feel ? If there is a sharp pain, you should lay off any exercise for a day or two. Give the muscle time to heal so that you don't end up making the injury any worse.

That's the problem. I know you really want to get in a workout, but working out may cause further strain. What most people don't realize is that your muscles are all linked together. If you move one, you tug on another.

Could you do some upper body workouts while sitting in a chair ? As long as it doesn't bother your leg, sure. But, if you feel any discomfort, you should lay off. Don't push through the pain unless you'd like to limp into your doctor's office.

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6/25/14 10:16 A

Hi there!
I pulled a muscle on the inside of my leg yesterday. Applied heat and did some gentle stretching. It's still a little sore this morning and I'm wondering if I should still do my workout. My plan was to modify Coach Nicole's seated cardio video and 20 min dumbbell video. Am I overdoing it, or am I OK as long as I'm modifying the exercise to my comfort level?

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