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7/9/12 2:42 A

If it's a SP recipe, just click on the makeover button, delete the turkey and add the pork.

If it's not a SP recipe, use the Recipe Calculator on SparkRecipes. com to find the nutritional information.

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6/30/12 4:31 A

Sorry I can't offer an answer off hand for either of your two questions. But the most viable alternative to the turkey, and definitely would be better than the pork substitute, is chicken breast. Will hold you over till you find the turkey?

6/24/12 1:35 P

I tried to make slow cooker pulled tom (I love my new slow cooker. Takes a lot of hassle out of wondering what's for dinner!) Anyway, I could not find a boneless 3lb Turkey breast anywhere of the 3 grocery stores I tried. Closest thing I could find was a purdue cajun style, but I was not interested. So I used pork loin instead. What's the nutritional differential on pork tenderloin vs. turkey? I know there's more fat, but how much? Don't want my foodtracker to be off!

Thanks for the help!

PS....if anyone knows where to find boneless turkey breast I'd be interested to know that too!

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