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10/6/13 7:28 P

First, yes, we went to the vet! Nothing seems to be wrong. She is eating and drinking and pooping and peeing.

But, for the last 3 or 4 days she has been puking up clear liquid, about a tsp to a tbsp several times to a dozen times a day. She pukes, then burps then seems fine till she does it again. I didn't know cats could burp!

We stated her on Reglan (thank God for pill pockets!) and will see how it goes. If she doesn't stop in a couple of days we will go back to the vet.

We haven't changed food, added any new animals, no additional stressors etc. Everything has just been normal. She is shedding a lot, so maybe it's just hairball symptoms but it sounds different then that, if that makes sense. She is an indoor only kitty too so now outside influences. None of our other cats are doing this either.

Anyways, if you any thoughts or have experienced something similar, I'm open to ideas.

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