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3/7/13 12:08 P

Was wondering about how many calories are used to chew gum :-) and came across this:

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3/7/13 11:51 A

I'm working to use the SparkCoach program daily and my Fast Break goals include journaling and using a daily planner. So, I am using the SparkPeople version. That is a good reinforcement; I want to log on to make sure I'm aware of my doctor and other appointments and needing to make sure I know when my appointments are, will keep me logging on each day!

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12/12/12 10:11 A

Good mapping site to see how far your walking, running, cycling, etc. routes are:

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12/6/12 1:14 P

Doing things "small, simple, and good." Great book, "9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life" by Dr. Henry Cloud:

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9/28/12 2:51 P

Great thread, just wanted to say hi, really useful ideas here. Thank you for sharing,

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7/16/12 10:27 A

You Need a Budget (YNAB), .com and their book:
would like some sort of thing like this for my "movement through lifestyle" thinking.

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7/9/12 12:30 P

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6/26/12 2:45 P

Bad news (for me); more exercise is better:,8599,18

However, also explains how diet and exercise don't explain the whole picture, why women who diet and exercise for 2 years do not lose much more than the 10%; the set point biology stuff comes into play (why the people on Biggest Loser have to continue to exercise 5-6 hours a day, a not practical activity for most obese people).

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6/26/12 2:24 P

Mayo Clinic Calorie Calculator (must have this in here somewhere but will repost every now and then to remind myself/make it easier to find.

Putting in weight I'd like to weigh and saying I am "inactive" gives upper limit of calories.

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5/18/12 11:11 A


I have been eating more than usual the last month or so. Think I will not eat any candy for 2-3 days and see if some of my pains I've been having dissipate. Perfect life for 3 days, coming up emoticon

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4/7/12 4:50 P

i read your saying on the blog. I like that one.

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4/5/12 1:35 P

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3/12/12 10:13 A

"When life and your mind are full of troubles, when things seem out of control, you’ve got to take control of what you can. When confidence is low, that’s exactly when you need to be at your healthiest, your strongest, your most energetic. There’s no better time to create your own little corner of sanity and positive feeling."

Mike Kramer in "Going Through the Emotions" (SparkFavorite)

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12/10/11 9:06 A

Good calories burned calculator:

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11/29/11 5:11 P

Happy Holidays.

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11/29/11 12:31 P

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11/4/11 10:47 A

Defunct link

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9/6/11 11:36 A

Another reason to get interested in "chores":

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9/1/11 10:22 A

Fat, salt, and sugar change brain chemistry and "capture" one's brain:

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8/10/11 11:58 A

Placebos and asthma; kind of unsettling to me as I sometimes use my inhaler just because it "feels" better:

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8/1/11 12:57 P

Neat article about why I should be out working in my garden!

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8/1/11 12:54 P

Now interested in Fitbit with SP. emoticon

Want to put the armband thingy somewhere:

A bit pricey, $180 plus $10 a month for the food monitoring thing. I've wary of gimmicky "things".

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7/20/11 10:46 A

Sleep and digestion:

Timing is important!

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7/11/11 8:57 A

My mother would "close" the kitchen every afternoon at 4:30 :-) so we wouldn't ruin our dinner; we had to get our snack after school before then or we'd miss out. Our cookie jars were glass with cut glass knobs that "scraped" when you withdrew them from the jar and my mother could hear them two floors up where she was usually sewing. "Get out of the kitchen; it's closed!" she'd yell when my brothers or I thought we had been so quiet withdrawing the top to snitch an extra cookie.

My mother's recipe box/tin (a meatloaf tin so it could hold more and larger-sized recipes) had this poem in the front:

A house should have a cookie jar
For when it's half-past three
And children hurry home from school
As hungry as can be

There's nothing quite so splendid
For filling children up
As fluffy, spicy ginger cake
And sweet milk in a cup

A house should have a mother
Waiting with a hug
No matter what the boy brings home
A puppy or a bug

For children only loiter
When the bell rings to dismiss
If no one's home to greet them
With a cookie and a kiss

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7/10/11 8:23 A

My mother was and is the same way. Each meal would have the main course and bread and veggies and fruit and dessert. We were not allowed to snack between the meals though. So we came hungry. Now with my kids she just feeds them nonstop. At least when she was feeding me it was healthier as it was all homemade. Now she is feeding my kids fruit snacks, Yogo balls, etc. She does feed them tons of fruit and yogurt as well, but this is all inbetween the actual meals. I realize she has made food represent love, but how do you tell her that this type of love is not the best type of love?

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7/10/11 4:58 A

Learned behaviors can be such problems. Eating, for other reasons than being hungry, can indicate a true need for mindful, personal review and change. When I was growing up, my mother used to offer second helpings of everything that she cooked. If you said no, thank you, she would go into the response of "you must not like it." What she was looking for was love and approval. She looked at the food as her love and nurturing of us. My sister have joked together about the vision that both of us would be bigger than houses, if we had not had said no, thank you to overeating,

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7/9/11 3:30 P

Thanks for all these links, I am reading a couple right now!

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7/9/11 9:24 A

"The finding makes sense in terms of human evolution, Aarts said. For example, in situations where there is limited food, people who associate food with anger and become aggressive in order to obtain the food are more likely to survive.

"If the food does not make you angry or doesn't produce aggression in your system, you may starve and lose the battle," Aarts explained."


So, does that mean that "angry" people eat more? If I have an eating problem could I also have an anger (or other strong emotion) problem? I know I was not overweight before 25ish, when I was anxious. But getting treatment for my anxiety, I began to gain weight.

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6/27/11 9:44 A

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6/15/11 10:00 A

Two hours a day or more of TV increases chance of heart disease, etc.

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5/28/11 12:40 P

150 fewer calories a day from 50 years ago:

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5/27/11 11:22 A

Caffeine doesn't dehydrate; hydrates well enough in small amounts:

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5/24/11 9:08 P

Too much water, too fast, is not a good idea (had 64 ounces in about 3 hours and blood pressure went up dramatically):

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5/22/11 5:37 A

SMART System, Goals that are: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely

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5/17/11 12:01 P

Coach Dean Anderson's "Miracle Question" (studying motivation this week :-)

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5/1/11 12:42 P

Importance of stretching:

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5/1/11 11:08 A

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3/27/11 10:10 A

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3/14/11 5:30 A

"31 Ways to Eat Right and Lose Weight":

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12/29/10 12:05 P

I just found and am going to start "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin:

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12/17/10 4:00 P

I'm just back from vacation and working on feeling I'm dehydrated, what with this weather and the crazy difference between Maryland and Florida in weather (and driving 22 hours straight to get here yesterday from Ft. Lauderdale). My hands are chapped too and DH's face is all broken out; he says he feels like he looks like he has leprosy.

But going back in February for the month to such a great place and already having a 10% thing in process and seeing the doctor for our quarterly checkup February 1 and wanting to use January to get ready to have a fabulous February vacation, etc. is really exciting me and giving me a lot of motivation and ideas of things to do, some of which would normally be boring but which, in light of what's coming up and preparing, seem much more doable and more likely to get done in light of the future. Good motivation is under rated :-) I'm glad it looks like we'll be doing Florida every February for the next few years, it makes a different, interesting pattern to the year and adds challenges.

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10/29/10 11:12 A

American Heart Association health quiz:

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10/29/10 10:39 A

Why exercise won't make you thin:,8599,19

We end up eating more, whether through false rewards or because we think the exercising is doing more than it is.

I'm not advocating not exercising, but only if it is a part of your lifestyle you want to keep. I want a more active lifestyle but do not want to exercise. Yes, our body needs to be used, that's what muscles and arms, legs, etc. are for.

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9/29/10 9:47 A

Living and loving your whole life (not just weekends):

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9/26/10 5:16 P

Good book ~ Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

Direct the rider
Motivate the elephant
Shape the path

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9/15/10 11:03 A

Walking in nature or looking at nature scenes improves memory:

I guess that's what they mean by clearing the cobwebs from one's head emoticon

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9/8/10 9:25 A

"For some reason, there's not much stigma associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but people become very defensive and protective if you try to change, control, or analyze their food choices."

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8/29/10 2:52 P

Drink at least 5 glasses of water!

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8/29/10 11:19 A

The "secret" of success:

Sometimes it's good to read reminders that we're all eligible and everyone has to go through the same process.

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8/29/10 11:12 A

Reframing a problem can often offer a better position from which to work:

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