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For moderate lifters or even higher end athletes/endurance, 1 gram per POUND lean mass is a good one to use

For more just wanna get in shape and be active people, 1 gram per kilogram lean mass is the recommendation

I don't see anything wrong with shooting for in between those two numbers, even if you aren't a lifter or athlete. Protein increases satiety the most, and generally forces a person to eat clean as getting enough protein at that point without going over cals requires more home cooked meat and meals.

Kinda unfortunate how those work out to be so close and causes confusion. I think it comes down to how close the conversion comes to Becky's correct of .4g per pound overall mass for normal and .8g per pound overall mass for athletes. .8 per pound overall mass is often used instead of 1 gram per pound lean mass, as people mess up their bodyfat estimates all the time

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5/20/14 3:40 P

My Oxygen magazine recommends 1g per POUND (not kg) of body weight. That is a lot of protein. But it is intended for muscular bodybuilders. Not the general population.

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Generally in body building/power lifting community 1g protein per lb of lean body is used. The intermediate to advanced lifters and body builders go that high to be able to increase an already big muscle mass and also to prevent muscle loss when "cutting" (reducing the body fat %). For beginner power lifters or body builders that much protein is usually not needed (beginners gain muscle very easily, even on a crappy diet).

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5/18/14 9:57 P

thanks all

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5/16/14 11:04 P

I think we get lbs., and kgs. messed up.

At the most, maybe someone needs a gram per KG, not LB. So that would be 156.2/2.2 or 71 grams. at .8 grams per kg, you only need 56 grams

I think it would be a very rare for someone to need over 100 grams of protein. maybe a basketball, or football player.

We just don't need that much protein. Only so much is needed to maintain, or build muscle mass.

5/16/14 7:36 A

The recommendation for protein intake for the healthy adult (healthy body weight) is:
0.8 grams X body weight (kg)
0.4 grams X body weight (pounds)

Now an endurance athlete or strength training athlete may need to increase this amount, up to:

0.4 - 0.8 grams X weight (pounds)

Does this help??

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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5/15/14 11:33 P

is it true we should eat 1 gram per lb of lean mass? (my goal is to stay fit)

and do i really have to eat over 100 grams of proteins as per my body composition

weight is - 156.52 lbs
muscle mass - 57.0 lbs
Body Fat mass - 52.6 lbs
Fat Free Mass - 103.8 lbs
Total Body Water - 75.83 lbs

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