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6/24/13 1:26 P

I personally find that if I do not get enough protein, I am very hungry throughout the day. The amount of protein you get for a entire day (30 grams), is the amount I eat for breakfast. You should try to incorporate more protein into your diet.

Have you ever tried Quionoa? Most likely you have, but in case you haven't, that is an excellent form of protein for vegans. You could always try protein shakes as well. A lot of protein shakes have junk in them, but there are some good ones that provide a quality source of protein.

6/21/13 4:47 P

It is important for you to be within your protein range daily; for you that's at least 60 grams daily. Inadequate protein can impact your muscle mass, your hunger, your metabolism...and thus your weight loss.

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6/21/13 2:50 P

looking at your tracker you seem to be getting 70+ grams most of the days that you fully track.
the only days you seem to have issues are when you eat closer to 1500 cals, don't incorporate a protein source at each meal [ie have spinach, celery, berries and almond milk as a meal], and spend 1/3 of your calories on junk [like chips ahoy and pepsi]. which means that you need to find some protein to put on your salad [nuts or seeds or beans] and also try subbing in some veggies that do have protein [instead of having 8 cals of celery for no protein, have 30 cals of broccoli for 2 g protein. heck, have them both for 40 cals].

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6/21/13 2:18 P

Could not getting enough protein slow your weight loss? I am vegan, and as much as I incorporate beans, seitan, veggie burgers, etc. into my diet, I usually only get about 30 g per day (SP says I should be getting60-159). I know that protein is important regardless of weight loss, but could it be slowing down the weight loss? I am just coming off a 3 week plateau where the scale just wouldnt budge, and i'm wondering if the 2 things are related.

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