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4/21/11 2:42 A

Cottage cheese is a wonderful source of low fat protein and very verstaile, and cheap!

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It would be really helpful to see what you're eating if you are using the food tracker here on Spark. To make it public you'll need to click on "Edit My Page" and in the top right corner you'll see "More Options", then check the box that says "Share My Food Tracker".

Otherwise, if you eat meat opt for chicken and tuna rather than beef and ground turkey varieties. If you like cottage cheese or Greek Yogurt, they are both low in fat and high in protein. Adding beans into your meals will help you get more protein and fiber without the fat.

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4/21/11 12:43 A

Purchase lean cuts of meat from a butcher with no visiable marbling in the meat.. Even better if they have the fat percentage written on the container..
I purchase chicken fillet with the skin and fat removed.. I eat alot of fatty fish to avoid pill popping.. I also eat liver and my greens to avoid anemia..

I don't go to potlucks at my 7th day adventist church anymore because the food is very vegetarian veganish- I get GERD from soya products, mixed with too much tomato and onions..

I used to be vegetarian and my husband -there is not way in heck we could eat the bulk needed in lentils or avoid fat issues with other products.. So efter advice from the dietian at the diabetes hospital clinic my husband ate meat and had to take EPO to avoid anemia with type 1 diabetes issues..

My husband wasn't getting enough nutrition out of vegetarian food..

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4/20/11 11:43 P

Does anybody have advice on how I can get more protein, but less fat? I am not achieving my goals for protein while having an excess of fat in my diet.

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