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2/25/13 4:57 P

@ SergeantMajor: I know my gender and age are working against me, but if I don't try now, I'll never know what I could have done. The book you recommended sounds awesome, though the cover is already intimidating to me. emoticon I purchased my protein powder (in the event I don't make my protein goal) and will be increasing my calorie intake - starting with an increase of 100 calories a day. I only do 3 cardio sessions a week. I would like to get down to 3 full body sessions a week, rather than 4 split sessions. It would be nice to make my workouts more efficient. With spring and summer coming, I would rather spend more time on the golf course than the gym. Thank you for your advice.

2/25/13 12:13 P

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To some extent your gender and our ages (I am 76) are working against us when it comes to gaining muscle. You can experience increases in both muscle function and strength without any noticeable gain in muscle size. A new book targeted towards those of us past our alleged prime is "The New Rules of Lifting for Life" which you will find to be an excellent source of information on which to base your programme and assess your progress.

You calorie intake of all macro nutrients may be on the low side so simple adding 200 across the board may help instead of just adding protein.

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2/25/13 6:47 A

The key issue with muscle gain is not so much protein intake (although that is important), but rather your overall calorie surplus or deficit. If you are running a calorie deficit, your body will tend to burn protein for energy, rather than using it to create new muscle tissue.

The science of protein intake and muscle gain is one of the most abused in exercise. What the research does support is an intake of 1-1.4 grams of protein per KILOGRAM of bodyweight, for athletes in heavy training. Many people interpret this as 1-1.4 grams per POUND (and 1 kg = 2.2 lbs) and end up with a protein intake way too high to be useful. 124 lbs = 56 kg, which implies a recommended intake in the range of 56-78. Your intake isn't really too low - but increasing it a little may be useful.

I agree with the general consensus that it is better to get protein from food rather than supplements. Supplements are occasionally useful in the cutting phase when you want to increase protein without increasing calories too much. But if you want to add muscle tissue, then calories is something you are probably looking at increasing anyway,


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2/24/13 9:28 P

A Simplelife: I understand my present body fat percentage is a healthy one for my age, so that's good and I consider one of my goals accomplished. My present goal is to increase muscle mass. As a side note, since August of last year, my upper body strength has increased from the 20th percentile to the 80th percentile. I was very pleased with that.

PS - My trainer is not selling any supplements. He said to eat the protein and if I couldn't do that, he would recommend a supplement.

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2/24/13 9:14 P

Just curious as to what your body fat percentage goal is as well as what your training goal is? Your weight and body fat percentage appear to be in a very lean range. Body fat should also be a bit higher as we age as a protective measure. Is he advocating or selling a particular supplement?

Keep in mind that you also need an overall calorie surplus to gain muscle mass. It's a fine line to gain mass without gaining fat. Also, your weight may increase even if your clothes remain the same size.

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2/24/13 8:38 P

@ Terri........No wonder I'm not gaining much muscle. I'm only getting half of what I need. emoticon

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2/24/13 8:13 P

when building muscles you need a gram per pound of what you weigh. I use whey protein shakes as a supplement. I drink mine during weight lifting. I also use protein bars. I also use natural proteins........lean meats and nuts.

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2/24/13 7:45 P

@ Coach Jen: My recommended Spark protein range is 60-136. My intention is to use the protein as a 'supplement' and not as a replacement. When possible, I prefer to obtain the protein from food sources. I think I will try to aim for 80 grams. Most often I range between 60-70, but my trainer feels need more.

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2/24/13 7:06 P

Hi Berta

What is your SparkPeople recommended protein range? My advice is always to try and get your protein from natural food sources instead of supplements if possible.

Coach Jen

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2/24/13 1:57 P

There are a lot of good products out there. Since I am a going vegan and am trying to avoid dairy, I use a grain based product from Garden of Life called "Raw Protein". There is 17 grams per serving. It works! Global also has a product called "Ultimate Pro Fit." You also can visit any Vitamin Shoppe or GNC for lots of selections!

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2/24/13 1:28 P

Today my trainer conducted a health assessment. Basically, it was good, but he said as hard as I'm working, I should be seeing a bigger increase in lean muscle tissue. My current protein is between 55-70 grams per day. He has recommended I increase my protein to 70-80 grams daily and suggested I use a protein supplement.. I currently weigh 124. My percent of body fat with skin calipers is 23.5%.

Next week, I am meeting with my trainer again and we will alter my strength training program to one where I will (hopefully) increase muscle and so I would like to have my protein increase in place by then. We were previously working on gaining muscle endurance.

What protein supplements would you recommend? It looks like I probably need another 25 grams a day. I am eating about 1500-1600 calories a day.

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