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2/20/13 4:03 P

Most people do not benefit from a protein shake, because they are getting plenty in meals and snacks. What is your daily protein intake? Are you getting at least 60 grams???

After a workout you need a little protein (to repair your muscles) and carbs (for energy stores). Chocolate milk is a perfect recovery drink. Research show this. Other foods work well too...check out this SP article for the facts. Share the info with your friends:

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/20/13 3:55 P

I just drank an Alive protein drink. This is good info to remember. My husband and I need some sort of Vitamins... more energy. This helps, but maybe leave out the 1 % milk?

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2/20/13 3:54 P

Just do your research very well, some of those shakes do have lots of sugar!!!!

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2/20/13 3:35 P

Bill is right, it's total calories consumed, no matter where those calories come from, as far as losing or gaining fat. Now, health wise, that's a different story....

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2/20/13 2:36 P

Your friends don't know what they're talking about. There is nothing magical about protein shakes. What matters is total calories consumed. Whether that's through a shake or food doesn't matter. It is easier to consume more calories in liquid form, generally speaking, but just because you had a shake after a workout doesn't mean a thing.

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2/20/13 2:31 P

The only way a shake can cause true weight gain (not fluctuations in water retention, which can show up as weight gain on the scale but isn't actual weight gain) is if consuming it is causing you to go over your recommended calorie allowance for the day. If you're sticking to your Spark-recommended calorie allowance, it doesn't really matter what you eat or when - you will lose weight. (Of course, eating 1200-1550 calories of Oreos a day is going to cause all kinds of other health problems for you, which is why you should strive for a balanced diet, but technically speaking, if that's all you ate, you'd still lose weight. You'd probably feel gross, retain water, and have all kinds of nutrient deficits, but you'd lose weight).

The idea of having protein after a workout comes, I think, from bodybuilders, who take in lots of protein because they're trying to bulk their muscles up, and protein helps with muscle development. Assuming it fits into your calorie allowance, it's definitely not harmful, but it's also not going to work any kind of special weight-loss magic on your body.

I like shakes, personally, but it's more for the convenience factor than anything else. When I have a shake, it'll be as a replacement for breakfast. I use chocolate-flavored protein powder, water, ice, sometimes frozen berries, and a fiber supplement. I find I have to mix the fiber supplement into my shakes to make them filling enough to get me through to my next meal (and they're too high in calorie for me to use as just a snack).

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2/20/13 1:51 P

Does anyone recommend having a protein shake after working out? I have a few friends who swear by them and a few who say they make you gain weight! I definitely don't want to gain any weight (obviously). Help!

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