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9/23/12 1:58 P

I think 10/30-60/30-60 c/f/p tends to work best for my body when I'm trying to lose. Sometimes higher fat, sometimes higher protein.

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9/23/12 1:38 P

Awesome -- that's very helpful info. Thanks! I think I'll try and stick with the SP plan for another couple of weeks before I start altering things too much. I really love the tracking feature to keep track of the carbs/fat/protein. Having never really paid attention to that before -- I find it really helpful and motivating to opt for better options.

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9/23/12 12:20 P

I eat low carb, and my ratio for today is 27/63/10.. protein, fat, and carbs in that order.

Nirerin gave you SP ranges. If you just want to add protein, and cut carbs, you might want a 30/50/20 ratio. Fat will be higher, as well as protein, since they usually came together, and 20% carbs, should be low enough to get some weight loss, but still leave you most options available. Cut out all sweets, and pop obviously, but limit, or eliminate bread, noodles, potato, corn etc also. You can eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, but watch the carb counts, and sugars.

It might be better to figure out what 20% of your calories are.. 300 for 1500. for example, then divide by 4, and aim for 75 g of carbs. Fill in the other 1200 with lean meats and vegetables, eggs, fish, and fowl. For other carbs have some beans, or salad. and see what happens.

You may have carb flu for 3-4 days, but by Day 5 you should be dropping weight, and have extra energy. I would suggest not eating any frankenfoods, or bars, shakes, diet food that says it is low carb. Try it with real food for 1 month. See if it is right for you.

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9/23/12 11:46 A

your ranges are set up so that 10-35% of your cals come from protein, 20-35% from fat and 45-65 % from carbs.

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9/23/12 11:11 A

So I was reading an article that said sometimes people do better on a diet that is higher in protein and lower in carbs than the usual recommended ratio. It didn't give any instructions as to what those ratios might be. I suspect I would be one of those people and would like to give this a try to see if there is any difference. Anyone done this or know what the recommended ratios are?

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