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6/14/13 7:14 P

The Nature Valley protein bars are on the smaller side for your traditional protein bar, but they taste pretty good. Not exactly ideal if you're into clean eating, but if that's not a concern they aren't bad; my husband has them for a snack at work. They're also priced like granola bars so they won't break the bank.

I've also heard good things about KIND bars.

Making your own seems like a hassle but it really is worth it.

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6/14/13 7:06 P

Every great once in a while. I prefer to make them, but if I'm using store bought, PureFit bars or Special K bars are my favorites. Most of them taste absolutely awful (I took two bites of an Atkins bar and had to throw it away... $2.59 down the toilet.) so I prefer to make my own.

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6/14/13 4:22 P

does anybody eat protein bars for breakfast and if yes which one would you recommend.

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