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6/22/12 11:03 A

I agree with Anarie's advice, but I like adding in a flavored shake (especially if I can mix it in with some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese) as an occasional treat. GNC makes a nice French Vanilla protein powder that blends well for me.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
6/22/12 10:32 A

The protein requirement isn't just about protein. If you're coming in low on protein, you're probably also a little low on the vitamins and minerals that are found in high-protein foods. A powder isn't going to provide those things, so it's much better to add a glass of milk, some yogurt, an ounce or two of tuna or some garbanzo beans in your salad, etc. Even something like a cappuccino in the afternoon will give you that little extra protein, PLUS calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, B vitamins, and so on. Using a powder or shake because you're low on protein is kind of like eating a tablespoon of sugar because you're low on carbs-- it does technically put you in compliance with that one number, but it kind of misses the point of *why*.

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6/22/12 10:10 A

I like low-fat cottage cheese for a protein-rich snack or accompaniment to a meal. I know some people don't care for it though.

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6/22/12 10:07 A

Hi everyone,

Lately I've been noticing that I'm coming in a little low on my protein requirements. Some days I'm struggling to hit even my minimum amount for the day (60g), but even when I do it's almost always on the lower end of the range. I've been considering supplementing with protein shakes and I thought I'd see what the general opinion on those is. I've had a couple before that I thought were completely disgusting, but tasted one recently that actually wasn't bad! I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on protein shakes - which ones are the best, and the best tasting, or if anyone has any suggestions for some lower fat/calories but high protein snacks, that would be great too!

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