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4/5/12 2:31 P

Maybe you are not taking in enough of the meats, fish, poutry, beans, legumes, lentils.

What is the lower end of your SP protein range? 60 grams?

2 (4ounce) cooked lean meat servings daily will give you 56 grams right there.

You can use cheese just on your items: sandwich, salad, top a casserole, soup.
You can keep individual cartons of yogurt for you.

Dietitian Becky

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4/5/12 10:19 A

try a nut based milk such as almond or coconut. those are my go to and I love them. almond milk is something that you can make at home easily as well.

for protein, I know for a kid it may seem like torture, but your leafy greens such as spinach and kale have tons of protein. I do meat on the rare occassion but never have a problem with protein. I won't do soy especially the man made soy milk as it has lots of endocarcinogens in it. Lentils and other beans also have lots of protein that you could try.

Maybe make him a green smoothie-- can hide lots of veggies and add raspberries or blueberries to cover the green color. You can mix these with just regular water if you don't want to use nut milks.

4/5/12 9:35 A

I seem to never get enough protein based on my Sparkpeople targets. My son is allergic to milk, egg, and peanuts. When I cook for our family, I don't typically put any of these things in our foods. While my son is not allergic to tree nuts, there are very few products that we can buy that don't have cross contamination issues with peanuts. I can't have eggs in the house because my son starts reacting if I cook them.

I've tried soy milk and I can't get myself to drink it (my children drink it daily). We eat some sort of meat or fish for lunch and dinner. I make a lot of types of chili and soups with beans. It has taken me several years to re-learn how to cook. Does anyone have any advice on how to increase our protein consumption without milk, egg and nuts?

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