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9/16/12 11:56 A

I don't worry about my fat intake. I have not found that I am capable of eating enough of it along with the rest of my foods to stop me from losing weight (it's very satisfying), and I don't believe it is unhealthy to eat fat so long as you are mindful about the sorts of fats you eat.

Many types of fish and of course chicken breasts are pretty low in fat grams and high in protein. You could also eat those non-fat dairy products, I suppose. Tofu, perhaps? Legumes...

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9/16/12 11:42 A

Thank you all for the insight and ideas. I understand that occassionally fat can be sucked up with not the best of choices (which happened once or twice this week), and I know why I'm not meeting my goals for that day. But I get perplexed when I've met all my goals, but am still low in protein.

You have all given me somethings to consider and implement. I'm trying to break the picky eater habit and open my mind and palate to a wider array of wonderful, nutritious foods available. Doing alright thus far.

Again, thank you!

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9/15/12 10:56 P

If you really want some fat free protein, consider 0% Greek yogurt, egg whites, or nonfat cottage cheese. I never suggest egg whites because they don't have the nutritional value of whole eggs, but they are a nonfat protein source.

Personally, I frequently eat more fat and less carbs than Spark suggests, so long as my calorie count is in range. This works for me, but YMMV.

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9/15/12 10:46 P

yes I was shocked when I saw the fat thing was over 75%
I guess I need to stick to chicken and fish.

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9/15/12 10:43 P

I totally agree with Unident. There must be something you're eating that is sucking up your fat allowance.

I eat meat every day. Seafood, steak, chicken, pork, a chicken/pork sausage blend, eggs, cheese, etc., and I am always still below or in the low end of my fat allowance. The only time I ever have a higher fat day is when I eat walnuts or almonds.

I agree that you shouldn't be looking for a fat free protein. Look at your tracker and see where the majority of your fat is coming from, and that is what you should be cutting back on. It will allow you more fat (and calories I'm sure) to eat some animal protein or other sources of protein. I also eat Quest protein bars which are delicious, and they all have 20g of protein, so that can be a good addition if you're struggling to meet your goals.

Good luck!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
9/15/12 10:20 P

Beans and legumes are a great low-fat protein source.

However, if you're having difficulty adding animal based protein without exceeding fat, then there's something else in your tracker that's sucking up all your fat allowance. What are you using that you can cut back on, or cut out, to score back a few fat grams?

Don't look for "fat-free protein" ... find out why you don't have enough fat grams left by reducing your fat from other sources. Then you'll have room for the fat that naturally comes with animal protein sources.

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9/15/12 8:07 P

How do you all get protein without adding fat? That seems to be the one area on my Nutrition report that I'm consistently not meeting. I need some ideas. Please?

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