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8/29/11 3:34 P

Thanks, Elise!

It is the last few days of August and I just cannot help thinking that August really did suck really badly. I ended up (after all the gains and losses) with a 2.2-lb gain after the entire month was over. How horrible! But, you know what? I totally know what happened and I totally know what I did wrong and I am taking the steps to fix all the damage that I've done. Phew! It feels good to write that down. I'm focused and I'm ready to see the rest of those 7lbs that I gained melt off. I can do this and I know that I've got to stay focused on keeping on going. So, good bye to August and may September be a better month. I know I can do it and I'm not going to let two bad weeks --- or an awful month, for that matter --- stop me. I can do this! Whoo hoo.

--Look for the "Progress for September!" post. I'm so ready for September, yes!!!

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8/28/11 2:14 P

I'll find out when I go to the doctor the end of Sept.

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8/28/11 1:40 P


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8/28/11 12:15 P

Ok, time to check back with a weigh-in. I lost 2.4lbs. Whoo hoo! I feel really good about that. But, I'm kinda bummed that this is the last weigh-in on August because that means that August has been a +2.2lbs month. Bummer!!! Ohh, well. That only means that I got to try harder in September. Yeap. I can do it, too.


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8/26/11 3:51 P

Ok, I was wrong! I had gained about 0.6lbs last week as opposed to 2lbs. So, yeah. That's good, I guess. But, this morning I peeked at the scale and I've lost about 2 of the 7lbs that I had gained in the past 2 weeks. So, that's really, really great. I feel fantastic about that so WHOO HOO.

Anyways, I'll check back in on Sunday when I weigh in. I can do this!


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8/23/11 12:04 P

Wow, that is really great, LILYMOON! Congrats on that loss and keep going. You can do it!

Ok, so on Sunday I weighed in and I gained another 2lbs. WTH! Ok, maybe I shouldn't say that because I wasn't really counting calories and I was eating all crazy-like... just things I shouldn't have been eating and stuff. Or maybe just not counting calories because I pretty much allow myself to eat just about anything. So, I've decided that I just have to refocus and keep doing what I was doing before. And, that's that. I'm not going to look back and be all depressed about it because it's over and done with and what I can do now is just get rid of that weight again. Boom! There it is.

Last week's goals, I didn't really keep to them but I'm just going to focus on keeping this week's goals and losing part of the weight that I've gained again. Boy, I feel bad but, I've got to stay positive and I know that I can do it.

Ok, this week's goals are:

-Stay within calories every single day.

-Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. (I've decided that I'm going to start cutting back on exercise a little because if not, how am I going to get through plateaus?)

-Drink a multivitamin every day.

I can do this. I'm going to stay positive and get through this. I'm going to have faith and stay on track every day.


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8/16/11 12:02 P

Congrats on the success you have had so far and don't let any gain set you back. Remember one day at a time. I noticed we started out at the same weight. I started in April and am down to 246.6 this morning. 50 pounds lost. I have never lost this much on a diet or been able to stick to one. It's a first for me. I am very motivated, only 12 pounds and I will weigh the least I have in 10 years. :)

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8/15/11 4:19 P


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8/15/11 3:10 P

Whoops! I forgot to write on Sunday to check in. Well, it was a tough week, really. I had a 6.4lb gain. Omygoodness! But, I'm not stressing. I'm feeling a whole lot better today and I'm trying to stay positive and focused. That's all that I can really do. Just focus on losing that weight again and keep on going. Seriously, I can't be negative, not now! So, I'm just going to keep chugging along.

Last week's goals... pfft! I don't even want to mention them because I did awful in just about all of them. The only thing that I kept to was exercising every day and getting in my 5+ servings of veggies and fruits. I actually did pretty good on the veggies and fruits. I enjoyed it. It felt good to do that one even though I was worried that I couldn't do it.

Anyways, this week's goals are pretty much the same as last week's because I did so awful last week that I've got to do it better this week. Like a make-up week. So, here they are:

-Stay within my calories every day this week. I really did awful last week with this one so really give it my all this week.

-Stay within 60g of fat every day. I think I had some days last week when I didn't do this so, I'm really going to try harder.

-Stay within my 2300mg of sodium every day this week. Last week was bad so, I've got to really focus this week so that I can make this happen.

-Exercise at least 30 mins this week. Try different exercises throughout the week and really push myself to the limit. Go to the gym at least 2 to 3 times this week and try to get some strength training done, too.

Actually, I already know that I messed up on the first goal because yesterday I went a little bit over on my calories and my sodium was just bonkers. But, that's not going to get me down. I'm going to stay positive and keep up with what I've got to do.

I'll check back in during the week... not like last week when I said I'd check back in and never did because I was too busy with my family that came from NJ. But, let's just say... I was having way too much fun with them. They are a hilarious bunch and I love them!!

That'll be all for now. Until next time!

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8/7/11 12:53 P

Sunday check-in!!! Sunday check-in!!! Whoo hoo. I lost 3lbs this week. Well, that is after I weighed in on Wednesday and had gained 0.6lbs. But, hey... it's 3 whole lbs so, I'm happy. Whoo hoo! I'm not happy that I had gained but I'm certainly happy that I lost the 0.6lbs and then some. Ohh, yeah!!!

Last week's goals were a disaster. My first goal was to stay within my calories and I did that almost every day. There was one day in there where I totally messed up. Tuesday!! But, I got back up and kept going and lost 3 whole lbs. Whoo hoo! I did really well about getting my fruits and veggies in. Most days, I did more than 7 servings and that felt great!!! My fat goal, I kept to. So, that's good. I'm really happy about that one. I almost didn't make it yesterday but, I made some arrangements and was able to make it. So, I made that goal. Yes! Then there's the sodium goal which was a complete disaster. My goodness, it was just awful. So, I'm going to try harder this week to keep to that goal.

These week's goals are:

-Stay within my calories every day this week. Really try hard to do this every day this week, even on Tuesday when I'll be going to the beach and it might be hard to do. But, really, really try. I really enjoyed getting in my fruits and vegetables this week so, eat 5+ servings of fruits/veggies every day. I got to push myself more and more each week and 5+ servings is pushing myself without really overdoing it.

-Stay within 60g of fat every day. I really did push this to the limit last week so, really try even harder this week.

-Stay within my 2300mg of sodium every day this week. I didn't do this too well this past week and that bummed me out. I went over pretty much almost every day so, try my hardest to stay within my sodium every day this week.

-Exercise at least 30 mins this week. Try different exercises throughout the week and really push yourself to the limit. Go to the gym at least 2 to 3 times this week and try to get some strength training done, too.

I know I can do these. I'm really going to try. On Tuesday I'm going to Virginia Beach and it'll be tough but, I'm going to push through. And then pretty much the entire week will be hard because my cousin will be visiting with her family and that means tons of good food. But, I'm going to try my very hardest to keep with what I have to do. Seriously! I know I can do this.

Anyways, here's to a great week!!! I'll check back in sometime during to week to post my progress and stuff. But, I am finally out of the 280's!!! I haven't been in the 270's for about 3 or 4 years and let me tell you... it feels great!!!!

JADE465 Posts: 1,237
8/3/11 12:19 P

I took my measurements today and have lost 1" off my waist in about one month. Does that seem like too little considering I lost 15lbs in that one month? I don't even know what to think. I mean, I'll take it and I'm happy with it but, is it too little? I don't even know what to expect when it comes to inches lost because I've never really focused on taking measurements. Ohh, well. Maybe someone will answer. I don't even know. But, I'm happy with it and I'm going to stay positive.

This morning I peeked at the scale after the disaster that I had at lunch yesterday and I gained 0.6lbs. So, what do I do? I stay positive and keep working hard toward losing those 0.6lbs from here until Sunday. That's about the best thing I can do. I cannot be getting all depressed over 0.8lbs and I can DEFINITELY not give up. So, I'm just going to keep positive and keep moving right along. I somehow can't help but think... how much weight can a person lose in 4 days? And, then the negativity tries to creep back in but you know what? NO! I will not let the negativity get to me. I can do this and I'm going to stay positive. Any loss is still a loss so if I lose even 0.2lbs this Sunday, I will be happy with that. And, that's that! No more thinking about it. I've got to stay positive and take any loss that I get... especially this week.

I can do this!

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7/31/11 8:17 P

Thanks! I really appreciate all the feedback.

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7/31/11 5:54 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/31/11 4:11 P


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7/31/11 4:02 P

This is a good idea! I like this. Keep up the great work!

JADE465 Posts: 1,237
7/31/11 3:07 P

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I'm going to try even harder this month.

JULIEANNCAN Posts: 6,507
7/31/11 2:00 P

emoticon Keep up the great work! :)

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7/31/11 11:35 A

Congrats on a great month!


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7/31/11 10:37 A

Ok, so... I posted a thread here last month with my progress for July. It actually helped me a lot to have a place where I kept my progress for the entire month and it was really cool because people joined in and helped me along the way. So, I guess this thread is a place for me to keep all my progress for the month and if you'd like to keep your progress for the month as well, then... whoo hoo. The more the merrier, right?

So, ok. Today was weigh in and that makes my total weight loss for July 15.2lbs!!! Wow, that is fantastic! So, let's hope for August to be a really great month, too. Honestly, I'd be happy with 10lbs lost this month but if I got 15lbs down again, I would be ecstatic, really. So, let's just hope this month is a good month. Here we go!

This week's goals are:

-Stay within my calorie range every day this week and make healthier choices as far as food is concerned. Try really hard to go for the good stuff this week. Have at least 2 salads for the week. Eat 4-7 servings of veggies and fruits every day this week.

-Stay within my 60g of fat every day this week. Last week I didn't really keep to this so I want to do it this week.

-Stay within my 2300mg of sodium every day this week. I didn't really do this either this past week. I went over a couple of days and that's got to stop.

Ok, those are my goals. I make goals every Sunday and check back on them the next Sunday. Whoo hoo. Here's to a great start to this week!! I can do this.

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