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1/26/14 8:07 P

It's not easy, but you will get there.

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1/26/14 7:32 P


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1/26/14 7:30 P

I think your first option would be to find a different doctor, if the one you're using isn't able to help you or refer you to appropriate help.

What sorts of weight-reduction diets have you tried? Perhaps another healthy type would suit your lifestyle better. How well are you able to follow those plans that you've tried? If you can't follow it, NO weightloss effort can succeed. You need to find something that will tailor to your needs and willingness to comply with - ALL the time, no cheats, no treat days, just adopt a new lifestyle and that's that.

You may see from my ticker I've lost a lot of weight. It's going very slowly now, but it's still going! And that's okay. It's a plan I can live with, and it's not a race. I will get there when I get there. I already feel very much healthier.

You can do it too. You just need to find the right perspective and the right tools. The Nutrition Tracker here is a wonderful one. Get very friendly with it!

Best luck to you.
You can do it.

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1/26/14 7:22 P

Dietician Becky pops into the Diet Nutrition board. If you have a question, post it there for her to read.

In the title say Question for Dietician Becky. Bump it every few hours until she responds.

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1/26/14 7:17 P

I need to speak to a professional be dietician or nutritionist or dr. I suffer from not being able to loose weight. I know everyone will say this but I've been on diets last 4 years and lost nothing. I paid so much money to programs and applications even weight loss groups. I can't afford it mentally and financially. My dr has checked for everything and there is no reason. Anyone out there who promotes or looks over this sight as a professional I need help. Sadly I've seen dietitians and nutritionists and drs and endo and no one can find out why. I don't cheat I do my 1500 cals yet I'm still obese.
Anyone know anyone please email me.
In all seriousness I need to talk to someone who knows.
Thank you

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