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SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/28/09 11:10 A

I hear ya! For me the key is to keep it small, then I might actually do it, and then I've actually done something, which is better than nothing. When days or full, or I'm overwhelmed...I just completely don't do the big tasks.

for your 5 minutes a day--I have posted on my wall--from messies anonymous- "Never undererstimate the inevitability of gradualness" --gradualness is good!

But hey, look at me tonight (Friday)---I did DOUBLE my task emoticon --not just 5 pieces of laundry, but TEN!! Wahoo!

JUST FOR Saturday--5 more pieces of laundry put away AND put away 5 clean dishes.

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KABENNETT Posts: 4,222
8/28/09 3:18 A

Funny how checking it off in this way works... when so many other things haven't, but it is a good reminder. I am going to remember to make a payment and a business call on Friday (later today).

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/27/09 9:59 P

Kabennett--Great goal! 5 minutes working in the bedroom.

I hadn't done last goal--5 pieces of laundry--so, I just went and did it now (Friday morning).

Back to my studies for the day, but before sleeping tonight, my JUST FOR TODAY goal is to put away 5 more pieces of clean laundry.

KABENNETT Posts: 4,222
8/27/09 6:26 P

with a limited amount of energy, my "just for today" challenge is to start getting rid of the things that are in the bedroom that do not need to be here. I am going to work five minutes a day on this project. I hope it doesn't take as long as I am thinking but starting is always the hardest part for me.

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/26/09 8:58 P

Yay, way to accomplish goals Evelynguy. Kristam--have fun walking the dog.

Wednesday--I forgot my main goal--I thought it was the walking one, so I went out for the extra 5 minutes I hadn't had yet...walked way longer. Didn't do the dishes. :o/

Goal for Thursday: put away 5 items of clothing off the bed.

KRISTAM29 Posts: 204
8/25/09 1:09 P

walk the dog

EVELYNGUY3 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 244
8/25/09 11:43 A

I did the c25k this morning. I also tracked my food plan for today. I am headed out of the house to the job interview.

Yah Me!!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/25/09 10:58 A

For Tuesday: emoticon Ha! to nobody else would it seem like anything was accomplished, but I put away those dry dishes, when otherwise I might not have, and for me that equals SUCCESS!! WAHOO!!

For Wednesday--ONE THING: put away 5 things off table.

other possibilities:
--wash 5 dishes at end of day
--walk 25 minutes--to and from the office, plus a little
--throw 5 things in the garbage

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EVELYNGUY3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (527)
Posts: 244
8/24/09 11:53 P

This sounds like fun. Here are my goals:

1. Go for job interview tomorrow

2. Start c25k program
3. chart my food
4. write at least 30 min
5. unpack a box from the move
6. finish painting LR

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/24/09 11:25 P

Some great goals--you can do it!

Don't forget to come back at the end of the day (or the next day) and tell us how you did.

EVELYNGUY3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (527)
Posts: 244
8/24/09 11:11 A

My goal for today"

Unpack one box
Apply for job

KRISTAM29 Posts: 204
8/24/09 10:41 A

goal for today is to take my dog for a walk!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/24/09 10:23 A

Nope, calling in sick on this one today. Moving Monday's goal to Tuesday!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/23/09 11:53 A

Good job everyone. Don't be afraid to make your goals SMALL (in others' eyes), as long as it's moving forward for you.

I washed my 5 dishes today--Sunday. :o) Actually
put away the dry ones and washed way more than 5. Good! The goal got me started.

For Monday--put away 10 dry dishes!
(sometimes I can go a week without doing dishes--these little goals keep me moving, and feeling like I'm keeping up somewhat.)

EVELYNGUY3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (527)
Posts: 244
8/22/09 5:30 P

I did not do my challenge yesterday, so am carrying it over for today (is that not a procrastinator's mantra?). I did my waling today, went to Country Day here in town, walked almost steady for over 2 hours. Am now painting the LR. I need to unpack a box (got one picked out) and do my writing (did that last night, however). I will make my challenge today, I believe.

SAMBUG412 Posts: 197
8/22/09 4:54 P

My goal for today is to organize my RA desk before I leave.
Additionally I would like to work out for 30 min. and log my progress on sp

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/22/09 9:36 A

yay, good job everyone. Pick one thing that works for you.

And yes--this is NOT about setting a huge goal--it is about setting something small enough that it is easily doable... something is always better than nothing, right? Personally, I do intend to try to have one several times in a week--most every day if possible--just to keep me going--usually housework things for me.

It's Saturday night here, I'm super overwhelmed with a huge paper... my ONE GOAL for Sunday is to wash 5 dirty dishes! (now that IS small (o: )

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8/21/09 10:57 A

I've been putting off getting back into my morning walk/jog routine now that school is over for the summer. I finally went this morning and enjoyed it!

EVELYNGUY3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (527)
Posts: 244
8/21/09 9:58 A

Clean kitchen, finish laundry, do writing tasks, and unpack one box from the move.

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NEWPMA Posts: 889
8/21/09 8:30 A

Brush and mop all downstairs rooms. Might not sound a lot but it's quite a challenge when you have a hypo active nearly 2 yr old. I like the idea of a one day challenge i think we should do it everyday. emoticon

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/21/09 4:30 A

Oops, I did not finish this one on Wednesday. I put away about half.

I DID finish it finally on Thursday, and washed a sink full of dirty dishes too!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/18/09 10:51 P

My JUST FOR WEDNESDAY goal: put away the clean and dry dishes

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/18/09 9:26 A

emoticon on Tuesday! Walked 30 minutes today. (Note, I'm in Asia--so at least 12 hours ahead of folks in North America)

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/18/09 1:46 A

Good job Kateljm! And great bonus prize for you too. That's funny! Maybe I should get at some of my piles. What I'd really like to find is a ring I lost...

Monday, I DID 30 minutes of walking.

JUST FOR TODAY: my Tuesday goal is again--walk 30 minutes
(high pressure days these days...keeping it small!)

KATELJM Posts: 6,599
8/17/09 6:55 A

On 8/13/09 I said my one big thing was to eliminate one big pile from my move. Well, I procrastinated, but I completed it 8/16/09.

My bonus: I found a gym bag filled with slacks that fit me perfectly right now!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/16/09 11:46 A

Yes Pokeylvr1--everyone is welcome! Thanks for joining!

Just a tip--set the goals small and manageable, maybe even smaller than you really want to do.

Mine today--was 15 minutes of dishes==YAY emoticon did it. Actually, I had hoped to do more... but it I had "do all the dishes" as my goal--I probably would have stayed away from that pile. I did 15 minutes. That's progress. It's not complete, but something was better than nothing.

Just for Monday: Goal is to walk 30 minutes

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POKEYLVR1 Posts: 124
8/15/09 2:37 P

I was wondering if I can join this challenge, because I have a habit of procrastinating, and this looks like a great way to overcome it!
* Goal for today: exercise for 45 minutes


SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/15/09 11:28 A

Alright--some good goals happening! Little by little, do ONE THING that equals forward motion.

I've been too busy to keep up with posting here, but I DID do my 40 min walking on Thursday.

My ONE THING to do for Sunday is:
Spend 15 minutes on dishes--put away dry, wash dirty (maybe 15 minutes will become more than 15 minutes, but 15 minutes is enough to call it SUCCESS)

EOLIVIAC SparkPoints: (23)
Fitness Minutes: (6,174)
Posts: 2,194
8/13/09 11:38 P

I didn't see this challenge early enough on Thursday to do anything, but on Friday I will finally straighten up the bookcase in my study. Too much clutter. Yep, I'll do it tomorrow!


KATELJM Posts: 6,599
8/13/09 6:59 P

My ONE BIG THING is to make one move-in pile disappear.

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/13/09 1:30 A

yeah! Jempower--good on ya for being honest about where things stand. yes, one day at a time is all we can really handle. Come back at the end of the day and report on how you did.

My JUST FOR TODAY is to walk 40 minutes (done 20 so far) and record fitness on SP
Additionally, I might
--sew two buttons on two pairs of capris
--put away 3 things off the table

JEMPOWER Posts: 2,680
8/12/09 1:06 P

Just for Today

I turned 59 on Monday and I realized that for the past 49 years I have said to myself, "Just for today I'll cheat on my diet and then I'll start a diet tomorrow." Well, I've been overweight since I was 10 years old and I think I'm about out of todays.

Anyway, what i'm really doing is trying to chance my lifestyle and not call changing my body mass dieting. So, now I'm living one day at a time and saying, "just for today I'm going to be honest about what I eat and how much I exercise and record it on Spark Pages." Maybbe on August 10 2010 My just for today won't be filled with regrets for all the lost todays.

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SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/8/09 9:49 P

1 thing (30 pts): empty and put away suitcase

other (bonus 5 pts each)
-put away dry dishes
-put away laundry
-put away 5 things off bed
-work on paper more than 3 hours

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/8/09 9:32 A

done! emoticon

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
8/8/09 8:41 A

--hang up (to dry) the load of laundry that's in the washing machine

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/29/09 11:46 P

Wednesday emoticon . 35 pts for me. I put away the dry dishes and washed some dirty ones.

One thing (30 pts)--put 5 things away off the bed

optional (5 pts each)
--put away dry dishes
--put 5 things away off table

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/29/09 5:04 A

Just for Wednesday
ONE thing (30 pts): put away all dry dishes

optional bonus activities(5 pts each)
--put 5 things away off bed
--wash dirty dishes
--put away 5 things off table

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/28/09 8:42 A

emoticon for Tuesday--I put away the 15 dishes!

Anyone else want to take the JUST FOR TODAY challenge?

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/27/09 10:22 A

emoticon emoticon
Yes, I did my ONE THING today--read in the a.m. (I'm in Asia, so ahead of folks in North America)

ONE Goal for Tuesday--put away 15 dry dishes

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/26/09 1:25 P

ONE THING for Monday: READ and journal in the a.m.

Other possibilities:
--Put away 5 things from off dining room table
--Learn about and do a 'weekly review'
--Review the article about keeping on top of email, then spend 1 hour on that

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/24/09 10:11 P

Whoa--this past week was crazy for me--14+ hour days most of the time, so I did nothing around the house.
Today I plan to get started again.

Goal--my ONE THING is to wash and hang to dry 1 load of laundry.

bonus options--if I have any energy, there is a tonne of stuff I can do, but if I do just one thing, I'll be going forward.

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/19/09 12:28 P

Yeah...let's do this. Get at those things we tend to put off, or not do.

Sunday--mine is really small because I'm super overwhelmed already... but...

ONE THING Put away 5 dry dishes!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/19/09 12:25 P

Good job SUSANELIZ1!

My dishes goal--did it the next morning!

SUSANELIZ1 Posts: 456
7/18/09 6:21 P

I did it. The task is completed. emoticon

SUSANELIZ1 Posts: 456
7/18/09 9:06 A

I have two pair of shoes that need a little shoe goo. Small task but I've put it off for over a month. That will be my goal today. emoticon

KDEEMAY Posts: 246
7/18/09 9:05 A

Main item:
wash my car (it's been six months and man it's dirty!)

Little things:
change bed linens
clean off the front porch with hose

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/18/09 6:32 A

Saturday housework goal: Wash 10 dishes.

(ah...that looks so small, but it's better than nothing!)

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/18/09 6:31 A

Friday--I did my ONE THING--30 pts! (put away project books and papers)

Other stuff...Nope! I was too tired!

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/17/09 5:03 A

Okay, I'm up for it. Just for today--Friday

My ONE THING (for 30 points) is:
-- Put away the study project books and papers.

Bonus items (for 5 points each):
(ha...I'm off today, so I have extra time--don't know which ones I'll actually I listed extra)
-- Put away dry dishes
-- Wash dirty dishes
-- Wash sheets & duvet cover
-- put away laundry off the bed
-- Sweep and mop floors

SUZIEQ69 Posts: 2,195
7/17/09 4:36 A

Anyone else up for building success reaching small and short-term goals?

Our challenges is to set ONE "must do" thing for today, and then do it. It should be something the is important for you, not too hard to do. Maybe it is drinking water. Maybe it is folding laundry. Maybe it is to put 5 items away where they belong.

Yes, you can add a couple other things to your list, but they don't count as much as the ONE THING.

Let's give ourselves a point system--for motivation. And I'm going to keep track of my points for the week.

1. 30 points for your ONE MAIN ITEM (only one--make it simple and do-able)
2. Bonus points: 5 for each extra item done on the list.

Each day--post your goal, then do it and come back and tell us how you did.

2009-11-23 NOTE: We're not much doing the "point system", just ONE THING is enough. :o)

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