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9/5/11 6:40 P

Your health is the most important thing. There could be hormonal issues that are causing the way you feel that sometimes do not register with normal test that are initially given. It took me years to discover that I had PCOS, because it isn't something easily discovered. For me it started in my 20's and I am now in my 30's.

Some of the symptoms you've described are similar to how I felt, but that can be related to so many things: Thyroid, PCOS, Pre-diabetes (Hypoglycemia) and even Cancer. You just don't know if there are more serious things going on but, also do not deprive yourself of nutritious food to lose a few pounds.

As far as going to a DR. there are sometimes Gynochologists that deal with hormones, as well as an Endochronoligists. You may want to get a referral to someone who can do further testing in those areas.

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9/5/11 2:28 A

Hello Anarie,

Thanks for your advice. I can understand why you would think this is alarming. My health problems have been going on for well over a year and have been a problem since before I started losing weight. I was 134 earlier on in the year and I was sick for a long time before that. My condition is not related to weight loss, though it is possible that I'm making it worse by eating less.

Whatever the cause, the severe fatigue and pain makes me unable to work out consistently. It's difficult for me to walk around campus, let alone go to the gym. I went to the gym once last week and I was exhausted for days. I'm so sedentary that I don't think I need as much calories as the average person, but I realize now that that sounds silly. It's possible that I need more if my body is fighting off some kind of illness.

When I first became sick, I began gaining weight because I was able to exercise as much and I was eating just as much as I did before, if not more. I'll be honest: I wasn't comfortable with being that size, but I'm also not comfortable with losing much weight. My friend gave me good advice today. My first priority should be my health, not how good or bad I think I look.

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9/4/11 10:55 P

You're still within a normal range so that's good. Keep trying to eat your recommend calories and nutritional amounts. If you're sick, you can't help to be losing weight so fast. As long as you're a normal weight and getting your recommended daily allowance of calories & nutrients, I wouldn't worry too much. If you're really concerned, I'd go see your doctor.

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9/4/11 8:24 P

"I also don't have a lot of muscle, presumably because of my unknown illness so I don't think I should gain weight."

You've got this backwards. If you have very little muscle, you DO need to gain a little weight. Muscle is dense and fat is fluffy. If you eat healthy and do some strength training, you will gain muscle and probably lose a little fat. That's ideal; if you have more muscle, you're healthier AND you look thinner. A pound of muscle takes up about 2/3 as much room as a pound of fat, so if you gain two pounds of muscle and lose a pound of fat, you'll look thinner but weigh a little more.

If you want to see what this looks like, try to find the SparkPage of a member named Zorbs. She went from being rather chubby to being very slim and trim while only losing a few pounds, and she has pictures on her page that really show it well.

As for what to eat, look at ALL the nutritional guidelines you can find, and use the food tracker to make sure you're getting the nutrients you need. Track things like protein, fiber, calcium, and iron, and focus on those rather than on calories. (The reason you're given a minimum calorie range is to make sure that you're getting the minimum amount of food that might, if you choose very carefully, give you all of your nutritional minimums for each day.) Ask your doctors if they've heard of any nutritional deficiencies that could cause your symptoms, and if so, add that nutrient to the tracker. Once you start hitting all your targets for things like protein and iron, you might find yourself feeling a lot better.

And be honest with your doctors about how much you've been eating. I strongly suspect that you're not telling us the whole story. That's okay; you don't have to tell everything to strangers on the internet. But do tell the doctors. A lot of times the fear of gaining weight can cause you to lose your appetite and even feel sick at the thought of eating. But if you eat too little, that could very well be the cause of all the other symptoms you're having. If you've been hiding your eating problems from the doctors, you make it impossible for them to diagnose the real problem and more likely that they'll guess wrong and make you sicker.

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9/4/11 6:35 P

When I made my comment about your weight, I meant your goal weight. If you get to 108 you will be UNDERweight with a below 19. BMI.
I would definitely see a different doctor about your various symptoms.

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9/4/11 5:44 P

I've checked on the NIH website and the healthy weight range for someone of my height (BMI 18.5-24.9) is 108 to 145. So I'm still with in the healthy range.

It's definitely more than a bug, but I'm not quite sure of what it is. I've been experiencing various symptoms for the past year including fatigue, joint pain, and chest pain. The doctors don't know what's wrong with me, so I assume this may be a long term problem. Abdominal pain and loss of appetite has been a more recent issue, but I thought I was being careful. I initially gained 10 pounds and went up to 134 because I was sick and mostly sedentary. It was important for me to lose that, even though I'm still sick, because I'm still a college student and I want to look good.. I didn't intend to lose this much weight this fast. I know it's not healthy. I've been eating as much as I can without feeling sick, but I guess it hasn't been enough.

Still, even though my BMI is 19.6, I'm larger than most of my friends so I'm not concerned about me being over weight. I also don't have a lot of muscle, presumably because of my unknown illness so I don't think I should gain weight. Maybe maintaining for now is best.

Thanks for your advice coach dean. That made me realized that this is more drastic than I initially thought. I've now been trying to eat food that is healthy, but higher in calories like almonds and cheese.

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9/4/11 10:22 A

Hi, S

For someone your size to lose 10 pounds in a month, especially without much exercise, is almost certainly an indication that something is wrong. At 125 pounds, the amount of calories you'd need to maintain your weight, without physical activity, will be somewhere close to 1300-1500 calories. To lose two pounds/week of excess fat, you'd need to have a calorie deficit of around 1000/day, which means you'd have to eat less than 500 calories, which would be very unhealthy and dangerous if you did that consistently over time. That's why smaller people who don't have a lot of weight to lose need to settle for losing at a slower rate, like about half a pound per week--maybe up to one pound, if you're very active physically. That allows you to eat enough to meet your basic nutrional needs and maintain your health, while ensuring that the weight you do lose will be mostly fat, and not muscle or organ tissue.

If you can, I think it's important for you to eat at least enough to cover what your body needs to maintain normal, healthy functioning--about 1200 calories (if your diet is basically healthy and doesn't have many empty sugar calories). This is especially important if you're fighting some sort of chronic medical problem. Be sure to talk all this over with your doctor as soon as you can, and let them know about the recent weight loss, how much you've been eating, and what kind of things you've been eating. They may want to have you take some special nutritional supplements, and can also help you dial in an effective weight loss approach for your specific situation.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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9/4/11 10:19 A

I don't know where you got your ideal weight range but I think it's faulty. I am 5'5 and am very skinny at 110 -bony even.

Try inputting your stats here.....

maybe you just should tone up versus loosing more weight?

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9/4/11 9:08 A

Losing 10 pounds in a month when you don't need to already is not healthy. If you have had health problems especially you need a strong/nourished body to fight them. Have you had a physical lately? How many calories a day are you eating? Why are you trying to lose weight still as 114 5 4 is already so low. Do you think you may have some ed issues

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9/4/11 6:07 A

this really isn't enough info to go on. 2.5lbs per week is a bit much for someone your size, but there are so many other things. if you are sick like not being able to keep food down, well, i have found that a 24 or 48 hour bug can make me drop about 10lbs of water weight before i balance it back out.

personally, i err on the side of force feeding. i am one who tends to lose track of my hunger cues when i get too busy or sick and making myself eat really helps me keep on track, as i tend to just not eat for too long and then try to shove anything and everything that's nearby into my mouth. at once. if i make myself eat when i know i should, i feel better sooner and it's easier for me to stay on track. that's not something that works for everyone, but if you find yourself consistently under where you should be, it's a way that can work.

i would say to set your goal at maintenance right now and work from there. and do double check this with your doc. but you're already at a healthy weight and it seems like your medical problem might be one that goes along with losses [and you don't really need to lose any at this point]. make sure you are getting into your ranges, and [ask your doc] make sure that any special needs you might have due to your illness is being monitored too [like if you need to pay special attention to iron or something]. and focus on staying where you are and addressing your illness for the time being. you can revisit loss once you manage your illness.

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9/4/11 2:27 A

I'm 5'4 so my healthy weight range is between 108 and about 142. I'm still at a healthy weight, but I think my sickness might have something to do with this. I'm a little concerned that I'll just gain the weight back once the problem gets solved. But I know my health should be my first priority. I'm seeing a doctor on friday.

In the meanwhile, I'm not sure if I should be forcing myself to eat more.

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9/4/11 1:13 A

What does is your suggested weight range for your height, because I am 5' and I should be between 110 and 119? Also, there may be other health issues causing the increased weight loss but, and average of 2 pounds a week is okay and you are only over that by a little bit. All that said, if you are concerned then it would probably be good to check with a Dr. about your concerns.

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9/4/11 1:07 A

I'm torn between wanting to lose weight in a healthy manner and feeling as if I should try to gain weight because I've lost far too much in a short amount of time.

Today, someone commented that I had lost a lot of weight. I shrugged it off because I assumed that I was still 5'4 and 124 (I was 134 a few months ago). I checked today and I'm 114. Which means I've lost 10 pounds in a month. I've been really sick for about a year so it's really important that I try to eat a normal, healthy amount and I can't really exercise.

I've been trying to lose two pounds a month. This is happening to fast. I'm closer to my goal, yes, but this can't be good. Should I be trying to maintain? Is there a healthy way to lose weight?

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