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1/20/13 2:03 P

If I'm way under by the end of the day, I'll have greek yogurt, banana with peanut butter, toast with peanut snack depends on which macronutrient I need more of.

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1/20/13 1:45 P

Some days I am the same way. My opinion is that once in a while this is okay. I think you should listen to your body. To help yourself get hungry, try getting more active!

Recently I plan my meals for the week on Sundays and enter all the tracking in the morning each day and then adjust as needed to make sure I get everything in. That might be helpful to you. Try different things out and see what works for you.

Otherwise, for some extra calories, go with meat and cheeses and peanut butter. They pack a punch!

Good luck!

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1/19/13 11:33 P

I wonder if you may be overdoing the drinking water? A lot of people go to excess with this, and if that is what is happening it may be partly to blame for your feeling full.

Just a thought!


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1/19/13 10:36 P

This article provides lots of great tips for boosting calories without bulk.

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1/19/13 10:32 P

I only had 988 today but am so full and do not want anything else. What are some good ways to add a few calories to my diet? I was also low on protein so should I add more of that?

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