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AWITCIK Posts: 67
8/28/10 7:43 P

There is a calendar under the "meals" feature, and I think you can set menus well into the future. I was able to click on this date, 2011!

LAROSS1 Posts: 86
8/28/10 9:16 A

How far in advance can you plan on Master Cook?

TIELEM Posts: 1
8/26/10 9:23 A

I'm so glad someone else had this question too. I'm new to the site and still figuring my way around everything and that was the latest dilemma I had. I've got lots of healthy recipes from other sources and want to include them in my meal plans, but didn't know how. Too bad we don't have the option of sharing if we include the source of the recipe.

8/20/10 3:44 P

emoticon Well, I've never heard of it, but for that price, and with all my food allergies, I'm going to try it. Thanks for the tip!

GAYA2081 SparkPoints: (3)
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Posts: 141
8/17/10 10:20 P

I have to second Master Cook. I like using it for the ease it is to enter recipes and get nutritional information. The shopping list and meal planner is very handy

AWITCIK Posts: 67
8/17/10 6:25 P

I found a program called Master Cook that I purchased and downloaded onto my computer. It has a nutritional calculator and a meal planner (but I'm not sure how far in advance you can plan.) I created my own cookbook and enter recipes I gather from other sources, and some from cookbooks I own. I love the program for its search features. I can search for certain ingredients to use things I have on hand. The version I have is under $10 on amazon.

WOLVESAD1 Posts: 9
8/3/10 11:51 P

Bummer! I really like seeing a larger view. I can't find a site that does everything I want, but this is close. I also like and but neither of those analyze nutrition info and you can't make your recipes private. is great for recipes and such but of course nothing else. Can make grocery list but not a meal planner. Also a member there. Really just want to use one site. Guess I will try entering my recipes and see.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (326,852)
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8/3/10 4:38 P

You can only plan foods a week in advance, not a month.

WOLVESAD1 Posts: 9
8/3/10 12:41 P

ok. I finally got that figured out. It was round about way to enter a recipe. Had to go to recipe calculator and enter it there. I like that it goes into my recipe box and that I can print it. I also like I can add it to the meal planner, but how do I see the monthly meal planner? I like to plan ahead. I don't want the site picking meals for me unless I need a recipe. If I can use my own and make them healthier (which I have done) I will be more successful.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (326,852)
Fitness Minutes: (95,770)
Posts: 22,124
8/3/10 4:21 A

You can enter them, just not share them.

So just be sure NOT click to share and you can import them to your food tracker.

WOLVESAD1 Posts: 9
8/2/10 9:37 P

I really want to have my recipes in one place instead of many. lots of my recipes are from cookbooks, magazines, etc that are copyrighted. I can't enter them here for everyone to see, but would love to still use them and have everything in a meal planner. Is that possible here because I can't figure out how to do it?

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