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RJANEWWAY Posts: 1,389
6/15/13 5:59 P

This program is available from a variety of sources, including Amazon. It's about what motivates you and works for you. If you enjoy this, can afford it, and will do it, there you go. Keeping it fun is key for me personally. I have lots (and lots) of different workouts on DVD plus a Total Gym. A Google search by the DVD name will pop up lots of choices for purchase.

All the best in whatever you choose to do. Just make it sustainable. emoticon

6/15/13 11:43 A

Any programme which is classified as " Aerobics & Toning" has a bit of a snake oil overlay in my opinion. The equipment list " Medicine Ball, Hand Weights, Chair, paper plate or gliding disc" does not set it apart from a variety of others and you will only get a limited amount of strength training using hand weights. There are better programmes for less than the suggested $80 and the ones here on SparK are as good and free. If you go to Big Lots you can get Supreme 90 Day and several Jillian Michaels DVDs for $4.00.

Just another over hyped and oversold rehash of the same workouts every other DVD selling trainer has on the market in my opinion.

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6/14/13 9:34 P

It sounds like a good choice for you! Go for it!

A1863GAL Posts: 59
6/14/13 8:18 P

Has both in the program which i love!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
Fitness Minutes: (15,905)
Posts: 9,717
6/14/13 7:18 P

WEight loss is about diet more than exercise; what matters isn't so much the individual program you choose, as it is about whether you enjoy it, and will stick with it!

It sounds like something you might enjoy; if it's in your budget, and you think you'll enjoy it, go for it! Is this a cardio program, or does it include strength training? Strength training is super important if you want the best results over time.

A1863GAL Posts: 59
6/14/13 4:36 P

Has anyone tried this? I tried the demo on for 25 minutes man was it a workout. I want to get the whole program and get back to looking even better then before I had kids!!

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