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MOMMYRE Posts: 403
7/24/13 11:15 P

Check with your local Y. Some of them offer water aerobics classes at a discount for pregnant women. I had cravings for fruits and veggies, and oddly enough, chicken livers. I only gained 13 pounds. I attribute this mostly to the water aerobics. Congrats! Enjoy your pregnancy. Try not to overdo the calories, junk food, but enjoy it. Don't stress too much. Stress is not good for the baby either. Have a great time being pregnant! I loved it!!!!

7/24/13 9:22 P

babyfit really was awesome, my birth month's team was so much more than just fitness! You can even use the calculator over there (and help from your OB of course) to set your SP food tracker for your pregnancy. I found myself indulging too much during pregnancy, leading to lots of weight gain. However, I did work out almost every day and I think they helped me TREMENDOUSLY during labor and also with getting back into exercise afterwards. Definitely ask your doctor first, but my absolute favorite was the Summer Sanders prenatal workout dvd. She breaks it down by trimester and it's a great workout.

7/24/13 5:00 P

Oh, my gosh, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! emoticon I second the BabyFit recommendation!

LAUROBNAT Posts: 217
7/24/13 3:45 P

Congrats! Here's to a healthy happy baby!!

You eat the same foods - lean protein lots of vegetables and fruit. Skip the junk food, eat when you are hungry - which will seem like all the time but you have got to remember you are feeding the baby.

Don't be afraid to get your excercise in - I was told the better shape you are in the easy your labor will be.

I was in good shape when I had my daugher and she was born in 4 hours with no

7/24/13 3:34 P

It has already been mentioned, but I will do so again.
Join our FREE sister site:
Healthy eating tips, meal plans, fitness programs.... all for the pregnant woman.
Just what you are wanting.

SP and BF Registered Dietitian

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
7/24/13 1:51 P

I assume you've seen an OB/GYN already? If not, I would suggest getting an appointment asap. Ask him/her for recommendations on resources for eating healthy during pregnancy. A healthy child is your aim, for now.

Years ago, one of my cousins had her first, and she put on 60+ pounds--and she looked TERRIBLE afterward. So when I was expecting I asked my doctor early on how to avoid putting on excess weight. He suggested that when you see that plate of donuts (or whatever), just eat one--or better yet a half of one. But, when you see that plate of veggies, feel free to eat all you want. He also encouraged me to continue exercising (within reason) as long as I was comfortable doing so. I took his reply to heart and gained around 25 pounds with both of my kids.

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
7/24/13 1:18 P


Here's another motivating factor to eat right: Studies have shown that when pregnant women eat a lot of a certain vegetable, their babies show preferances to that veggie. So if you eat a good variety of vegetables, you are helping your baby (and yourself) get a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients, and decreasing the likelihood of having a picky eater!

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7/24/13 12:59 P

Congrats!! My two are already grown, but with my first I went from 130 lbs to 197!! All Junk, and I could Not get my body back. Just eat healthy, its ok to satisfy your cravings, but in moderation. It is important to eat right, especially since what you eat, will go to the baby.. Your sickness will not last forever, when you hold your healthy child, you will be happy you took good care of yourself. Good Luck..

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7/24/13 12:59 P

Spark has a sister site, BabyFit, for pregnant and recently pregnant ladies :)

And, congrats! Hopefully your morning sickness will subside soon.

STEPH55075 Posts: 14
7/24/13 12:56 P

I don't really have any good tips however I wanted to say Congratulations!!!!!!! emoticon

7/24/13 12:43 P

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I've been on this site. I am just over 10 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness has been so terrible that I've lost 7 pounds since the sickness kicked in. That makes my total weight loss 20 pounds since January. I wish that I would have lost the 7 pounds before getting pregnant but oh well. Anyways, I need some tips and advice on eating healthy during this pregnancy. I don't want to just jam my mouth full of anything I see once I start feeling better. I also really want to make good habits so that I can lose the baby weight plus another 20 once the baby is here. Tips are appreciated.

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