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10/28/12 5:38 P

If I were you I would keep the clothes,what can it hurt. For me I never gained too much,because I was overweight and I just wore the clothes I usually do.

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10/17/12 1:36 P

I was a size 8 before I got pregnant. Gained 50 lbs during pregnancy, and the first non-maternity jeans I wore after giving birth were a size 14. My daughter is 8 months old, and I'm in a size 6 now. I'd say hang on to them, just in case (especially for right after).

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10/17/12 1:02 P

My girls are older now, 23, 21 and 17. But I do remember that when I was pg with the oldest, I was working full time at a hospital and the nurses were VERY strict about what I ate, wouldn't let me have but one regular Pepsi a day, watched my sugar and all of that. I only gained about 20 lbs. With the 21yo, I was part-time and ate whatever would stay down (usually a hamburger and fries from a specific fast food restaurant in UT) and lots of Pepsi, I only gained 10lbs. With the baby, I was a stay @ home mom, living next door to a family with 4 teenage boys who routinely cleaned out my fridge. I ate and ate and ate and ate....and the little cuss took everything I had. I weighed about 15 lbs less when I had her than when I started! So you can't really predict what you will gain whether it is your first pregnancy or your 3rd (or 4th or 5th or whatever). Good Luck!

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10/16/12 7:24 P

It's hard to tell. Even if you get that big again in the waist, they probably won't fit correctly anywhere else than just where they button. And that's not comfortable. Use a bellaband until you can't wear your pants any longer then go for the maternity pants. They are made for just a larger belly, not just a larger size.

I didn't wear any larger sizes, just used the bella band from probably months 4-7, then maternity clothes. I did need a size up from pre-pregnancy right after I delivered with all of those organs and muscles still trying to find their correct postioning again. But I was back in 3 of 4 pairs of pre pregnancy jeans 4 weeks after I delivered.

Just remember you don't need any extra calories the first 3 months and then only 300 extra/day the rest of the pregnancy. If you eat right and can and do continue exercising you shouldn't have a need to keep the larger sizes.

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10/15/12 9:11 P

Aww.. thanks everybody! Yeah, I don't want to get rid of those favorites yet b/c I thought I might need them! I guess I will keep all my favorites in all sizes on the way down. :) & go from there.

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10/14/12 9:27 P

i remember feeling like you when trying to get's exciting to get big for a good reason!

i'd hang onto everything...even if you DON'T get as big as a size 16, you may just want the extra comfy roomy clothes in your 3rd trimester.

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10/14/12 4:18 P

It's almost impossible to predict. If you're tall, and eat right throughout your pregnancy you may not get that much bigger. If you're short, chances are you'll get huge. Just no where for your uterus to grow but out.

I went from a size 2 or 3 to size 16-18 at the end of my pregnancy. I'm not exactly sure because by then I was just wearing sweat pants or maternity dresses. My belly was just gigantic. For a total gain of around 55 lbs. If you do reach that size again, your pants may not even fit you correctly. Since most of the gain will be concentrated to your stomach and less of an all-over weight gain. That's where mat pants/jeans or sweats come in handy.

I lost all but 15 lbs at 1 year post-partum and became pregnant with my second. I reached the exact same weight at the end of my 2nd pregnancy as I did with my first. Now 2.5 years later, I'm 15 lbs away from my weight before I ever became pregnant.

I'm only 5'2 so I just grew out and you know how some pregnant women look like they're hiding a beachball under their shirt, mine was more comparable to a swiss ball. :P

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10/13/12 9:39 P

I still wore XS in maternity sizes. A few things I bought that could be worn post-pregnancy..I bought 1 size up.

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10/13/12 11:24 A

I am not pregnant, but I am going through my clothes trying to decide what to keep and what to sell/donate. Right now I am still a 12, but hope to be in the 8-10 range once I reach my goal weight. So I'm wondering if I should hang on to any of my size 16s or 14s for when I may become pregnant? I don't know typically how much weight gain there is or how many sizes you go up, etc.
Thank you!!

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