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2/27/13 2:40 P

Use the value converter?

You enter in the system you are used to and convert it to another.

I don't use cups, we just don't in the UK, so use the converter.

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2/26/13 9:46 P

Thanks for your reply. I guess I'm balking at grams because that's not a familiar unit of measure in my world. I also dislike having to enter a new recipe in order to make the recipe choice for a meal, so dealing with 'foreign' units of measure makes it less appealing. But I've got 6 more servings of the darn stuff.... Sheesh.

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2/26/13 5:36 P

There is no way to add a unit of measure to an entry. You could create your own entry and choose whatever unit of measure you want that way, but that would take more work than converting it to grams.

But, how is using grams silly? Most of the world uses grams. It's the same as measuring by pounds/ounces, just a different number. They even provide a conversion calculator so you can put in the number of ounces (so in this case, 24) and it will spit out how many grams it is (approx 680 in this case). Even if you google "grams to ounces calculator", a calculator will come up.

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2/26/13 3:07 P

I want to enter a new recipe which happens to include 1.5 pounds of raw carrots. When I search for 'raw carrots', 'pounds' is not an option on the drop down list. The closest thing is 'grams' and that would be silly. How do I add 'pounds' to the amount options?


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