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MGO09190 Posts: 895
7/26/10 10:02 A

I totally hear you on this one; I've lost about 18lbs so far and I'm still wearing the same size pants (17/18) BUT I've started to notice that they are fitting a lot better, so I'm hopeful that soon I'll need smaller ones! It probably has to do with what size you were before and where you lose weight from- I've lost a little but from all over my body, so I'm not too too surprised that the pants are the same.

OWEN2SC Posts: 644
7/26/10 9:52 A

I am also curious about the bra sizes. Before I started my weight loss journey, I just had to go up another cup size again, and I'm now at a ridiculous cup size, but I've stayed at 36" throughout all of my weight gain and loss throughout the years. I'm hoping I go down in cup sizes, and I'm starting to notice the wire closest to my arms rub a little more, so I'm hoping this is an indication that I'm getting closer to going down a size.

7/26/10 2:16 A

OK another question, since we are mostly girls here, a little more personal for those willing to answer. How much change have you noticed in your bra size (or the look and size of your boobs in general) as you lost more weight? I have lost an inch maybe off the total measure so far, some of my tight bras are comfy now, but none are loose yet. I do notice I can more easily tell which one is bigger than the other while naked, but still not obvious in my clothes.

7/20/10 4:40 P

I joined WW for a while and lost 25 pounds, but never changed pant sizes. There were people in my meetings that lost 10 pounds and went down a size. Everyone, even the meeting leader told us the average person goes down a pant size after 10-15 pounds. Seems, I get to be the oddball. That being said, I know eventually I will get to go back into my smaller jeans and I keep them in the front of my closet to remind myself that I will fit into them again!

For me, pant size is a better indicator than weight. It makes me feel better to lose a pant size than to see five pounds missing on the scale. But, to each his own!

KARLAMG86 Posts: 172
7/16/10 10:52 P

It definitely depends on you AND your clothes. Your body, for how your weight is distributed and where you lose it from first/last. The clothes you buy: manufacturers (unfortunately) aren't held to a sizing standard. So whereas some stores/brands may fit, say, a size M shirt and a 6 or 8 bottom, there are going to be other stores saying you're still a 12 bottom and an XL. That's the worst part about shopping.
Since I first started Spark I've noticed a lot more how important body composition is. There are definitely people on here who weigh more than I do, but not only look thinner but also wear smaller sizes. I try to chalk it up to differences in individual bodies, not necessarily a failure on my part.

p.s.: I've lost about 25 total since I started "the journey" and while most of my clothes feel looser, I've only been able to go down a size in some brands.

JGLVAM Posts: 263
7/16/10 10:39 P

I've lost 25lbs so far and my jeans I wear are loose but not to where they are falling off me yet. I havent bought any new jeans so not sure if I've gone down a size or 2.. but Im guessing about 2. I guess like everyone else said depends on body type and where you lose the fat. I noticed I have lost a little from each part of my body so thats why I havent went way down much on pant sizes.

XOFAITH Posts: 189
7/16/10 10:10 P

You see you could do 1000 ab crunches and the calories burned don't necessarily go to your abs they go all over the only thing you are doing is making your ab muscles stronger you wont necessarily lose weight in your stomach area though.

7/16/10 3:07 A

I took the basic 3 measures (ladies clothing measures), but I never really thought to take the others. I guess it would prove "hey that is where the weight is falling off", or if my arms really are getting bigger.
I guess when I asked about exercises, I am aware a) one should try to work the total body durring strength training. B) you cant just do one exercise to get thinner thighs, or tighter abs without doing anything else. I guess I was more looking for "which of the 200 leg exercises really works to help you get stronger smaller thighs" or "what ab exercises really work for you guys", or "what chest exercises don't strain you but do help get the side boobs toned up"

ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
7/15/10 9:20 A

I want my clothes to fit properly again... NO MUFFIN TOPS!

XOFAITH Posts: 189
7/14/10 11:58 P

It also helps to measure your inches when you weigh in. Getting measurements on your chest, stomach, waist, neck, butt, arms, thigh and so forth make a huge difference and knowing where you lost the inches gives you a good idea of where you are losing "first" It also helps keep sanity. This week I knew I lost weight but wasn't so sure about my inches lo and behold I lost 2.25inches! 1 in my but .5 in my chest and the rest all over! its good to know these things especially if you don't lose weight but you lost inches then you KNOW you are gaining muscle mass!

BETHWYN32 Posts: 190
7/14/10 11:52 P

That's exactly right, Rhiannon. You see yourself every day and slow subtle change over a long period isn't always registered by your brain. That's why I like to do progress photos. You can really see the difference in those, even the subtle ones. In my head I KNOW that I look a ton smaller, way better, healthier, skinnier. But when I look at myself I don't see it. Part of that is self esteem and skewed body image, but the other part is just that I really can't see it. In clothes, yeah I can see it pretty good, but when I'm standing there naked the shape is still pretty much the same and it's hard to see a difference. If you haven't already then take some progress shots. Front arms down, front arms up, side arms down, side arms up, and back arms down, back arms up. Try and wear the same or similar clothes each time and do them every two-three months. You will notice a big difference that way.

7/14/10 10:29 P

I am trying to put some focus on thighs thru abs area of my body when I do my full body strenght workout. My cardio has been cycling, as that is not hard on my knees, but I am thinking of changing it up for the sake of boredom. I did notice today the legs of my jeans are a bit looser, but the waist has not changed yet, so I am making progress. I guess part of gradual weight loss is looking at yourself every day you dont see the changes until you realize you've changed a lot. So I am sure I have changed in ways I just haven't noticed. I am currently a size 18 and was when I started this program. I was stuck at the same weight for over a week, and my motivation was kind of flagging, but knowing I am not the only one has helped a lot. Hopefully I will get that "redistribution effect" soon and I will get to break out the belt. The effort is already worth it just for the energy, and feeling less like a prisoner in my out-of-shapeness.

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TAYLORCRAFTBC65 SparkPoints: (5,416)
Fitness Minutes: (81,149)
Posts: 2,560
7/14/10 5:18 P

Don't know my weight, I only get at the VA twice a year. I just went down another pants size though.

SHYNNE78 Posts: 7
7/14/10 4:57 P

Same here, down 25 pounds and still haven't dropped a single size in anything. It's discouraging, yes, but I know that it WILL change...I just have to keep on keepin' on...

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,446
7/14/10 4:44 P

I have lost 30 pounds now... and I am still in a size 16 tops and bottoms, including jeans!

Everyone is different.

RISENPHOENIX SparkPoints: (56,604)
Fitness Minutes: (81,311)
Posts: 1,185
7/14/10 4:29 P

I have lost more than 42 lbs in 3 months and I have only gone down 1 shirt size (and it is only in certain fabrics) and 2 pant sizes.

CINDY1TWO3 Posts: 611
7/14/10 3:55 P

You cannot spot reduce but you can tighten and tone. Try walking up stairs more, an elliptical machine or stair stepper if you have access, or just bike riding or walking. And of course squats (yuck). I have only lost 25 lbs but I have went down two pant sizes - I have also gone down a bra size unfortunately but need to work on the "belly".

GRAPEMASTER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (33,406)
Posts: 1,317
7/14/10 4:49 A

Sense I strength train using heavy weights I look more at how my clothes are fitting.

BETHWYN32 Posts: 190
7/14/10 3:46 A

I agree with the others that it depends on your starting size, the way your body distributes fat and then the way it sheds the weight. But don't forget it's also the brand of the clothes, too. I've lost 55lbs now and am down four dress sizes and a bra cup size. Sometimes I fit an AU size 16, other's an AU size 18, and I even have two items that are size 12 and they fit!

7/13/10 11:56 P

Well me and my daughter both are loosing and she has gone from a size 18 to a 10 after loosing 40 pounds I have lost 30 pounds and went from an 18 to a 16. The 16's are a bit loose but not enough to go to a 14. I think it depends on your body type. I am 5'5" she us 5'0" she has lost most of her weight in her chest, back and stomach. I have lost mine in my face, legs and stomach. Your body decides where it is going to take the fat from first and maybe it isn't in your waist but who cares as long as your numbers are going down.

7/13/10 7:11 P

I think I am doing the "top first" thing too, my bras still fit the same, but my boobs look different (the size difference is a bit more pronounced now too) and since I have to wear cotton shirts at work I tend to go with moderately loose t-shirts.

KWHITE1022 Posts: 321
7/13/10 7:06 P

I agree that there are alot of factors: One, it depends what size you started at! Example, I was in a 22/24 (depending on the jeans) Im now down to a 14, and those sizes dropped really quickly the first 30 lbs. That being said, it was partly because the higher sizes you have more play IMO,however once you start to get into the smaller size, and heaven forbid the single sizes its much longer between changes. Also, it really depends on you, and your body. You will see it said over and over on here, you cant spot reduce, no matter how much we want too! You body may hold on to weight in those areas you most want to lose, but keep at it and eventually you will win out! I do know that starting to run, has helped with my lower body, I didnt do that till I lost 30 lbs, but it has made a difference. Best of luck to you, you will get the results if you stick with your plan.

WRITENOW10 Posts: 10
7/13/10 4:57 P

Keep in mind that you may be a person who loses weight in different parts of your body at different times. That might be why your jeans aren't any looser yet.

For example, I know that for some reason, the weight around my waist and hips is a lot more "stubborn" than the weight in my upper body, so shirts will feel a lot bigger on me first.

As long as the scale is going in the right direction and as long as you're doing what you need to do to succeed, try not to worry about it! Your work will pay off eventually.

As for exercises...any cardio is good because it torches calories. It's hard/impossible to "spot treat" with exercise, so just work your body overall as much as possible.

Keep up the hard work and good luck!

60SIXTY Posts: 25,073
7/13/10 4:53 P

I found that after losing 20 pounds, my next size smaller jeans still didn't fit. Then I hit a discouraging plateau. But after about six months, my friends started commenting on how much I had lost. So, I took a look at my clothes again. Low and behold, even though the scale had not changed, I apparently was gradually redistributing weight. As of now, I have changed two pant sizes since my highest weight.

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
7/13/10 4:50 P

Hmm i'm sure someone else will help you with ur actual question..but I think it may depend what your size was before you lost the weight?
When I lost 15-20 pounds, I dropped almost 2 clothing sizes, but I was smaller to begin with..I'm not sure if that makes a difference though..BUT, congrats on the weight loss!

7/13/10 4:47 P

I lost 15 pounds before I started spark thru life changes, and 5 pounds since finding spark, but my Jeans don't feel any looser yet. I am excited about loosing the weight, and I feel better already, but part of my goal is to wear a smaller clothing size, and look better in certain styles of clothing. I realize it will be different for everyone but I am wondering how much weight people have had to lose before dropping that first clothing size. Also I would love suggestions of exercises for helping get into smaller jeans.

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