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SUGAR_ANGEL89 Posts: 22
1/29/11 3:35 P

I had the same problem with my son, he began peein gon the potty at 18 months but he went when he wanted to and not always when he had to. I decided not too push him then about a month before his 3rd birthday I started telling him that when he turns 3, he is going to be a big boy in big bot underwear. for the whole month we were counting down the days till "mommy was going to throw away all the diapers". On his 3rd birthday I took and hid all the diapers and he went into underwear, day and night. It has now been about 6 months and only 2 accidents at night.

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1/28/11 11:08 A

Diaper Free before Three by Jill Lekovic

Massive thumbs up, brilliant book.

KES820 Posts: 2
1/27/11 10:38 P I just bought the ebook. I now have a potty trained 26 month old boy! This program is awesome! Never even used pull ups. He's in undies 24/7 and loving it:). Good luck!

IZZYS_MOM Posts: 100
1/26/11 9:09 A

I second many to get rid of the pull ups. Go shopping and pick out big girl underwear with her. Don't ever be hard on her for accidents, or she will get a complex. I once showed my frustration for my daughter pooping her pants after I tried to get her to use the potty. She did not poop in the potty for at least a week. I felt horrible. Cheer and dance every time she makes it in the potty - I make it as big of a deal as I can. Don't reward them for going in the potty with food. I used stickers. Hope this helps!

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1/25/11 10:06 P

the singing worked for mine too! and lots of praise.

SAMMYDL SparkPoints: (0)
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1/25/11 10:03 P

my little girl will be 3 in march and shes been potty trained for about a month now. she even sleeps in panties. weve had only one accident asleep. i had to take her out of diapers and pull ups. she would not go to potty if she wore them! then one night she wouldnt put a pull up on she wanted panties. been in them ever since. listen to her she knows when shes ready!

READYBETTY35 Posts: 14
1/25/11 4:15 P

I also have a 2 1/2yr old,i know what your going through.When i started i would go to to the bathroom with her,and we would cheer when we used the potty.Using pull ups confused her at first,so only use them at bedtime after her bath,so if she does have an accident it want mess up the sheets.Let her pick out her favorite charecter underwear to wear.No matter how many times she says she has to potty take her just in case she really does have to go.I know its aggravating,but you don't want her to see you get mad.We also did high fives.You can reward her with stickers.Hope these suggestions help.

1/25/11 2:54 P

Wow!This is a big issue!! Like Beachmommy, my son was 3 yrs. 4 months when I finally said "you have to do this" and put him in underwear..he caught on to the #1 thing fast,even at night, but for months would poop his underwear. I finally realized that he always went in his room. So I bought a little potty and put it in a corner in his room and when I knew he was going to "go" I put him on it. After a couple times, I got him to try the big potty for poop and he was cured. daughter started going potty when he did, sometimes (she is 15 months younger) but not truly potty training...when she turnes 3 I did the same thing..underwear, rewards, praise...I never put them on every 30 minutes or anything, b/c I knew they were old enough to know when they had to go, but where lazy or didn't want to stop playing. In 2 weeks she was trained day and night. My son is almost 2.5 and I've thought about starting him...but not sure he's ready. In my opinion, letting them train when they are ready makes training them easier...

ALMOMMA SparkPoints: (13,907)
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1/25/11 1:30 P

I feel for you!!! I have a 3.5 year old and 13mo old. My oldest has been trained for about a year w/the occasional accident during crazy days with lots to do, but for her she decided on her own. We had gotten the potty seat when she was 18mos and she started using it right away. Not by asking for it, but if we put her on it she liked and used it. When we finally decided to "train" her, she would go sometimes and not others. I felt like I was constantly sopping up pee on the floor. She didn't mind the dirty underware, she would rather play. She also stopped having bowel movements. The Dr. told us to stop "training" her so she would start to poop again. Then one day she came to me and said she didn't want her diaper on anymore and she started using the potty from that day on. We did used the stickers for going poopy and eventually a half a stick of sugarless gum, when the stickers got boring. We also sing while she is on the potty and do an "Ayla poopy potty" dance when she is done. Good luck and don't stress, because it is much harder on you than it is on them. So my final words are just let them decide when they want to do it. emoticon

A72B75C77 Posts: 84
1/24/11 7:33 P

My oldest didn't mind wet underwear so I had her go around the house without anything on her bottom half. That worked for me. She still had night accidents until she was seven and she would sleep right through it. I would wake up to her half covered and she didn't even realize it. My youngest was completely the opposite. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep a diaper on her past 9 months. She would unloosen it, squeeze it out of her clothing and pee on the floor. It took some effort but I got her to use the potty instead of the floor most of the time. Every child is different, but you'll get through it. Trust your instincts and try not to worry about it.

Also, instead of candy or stickers we did a potty song. To the tune of Ring Around the Rosies I sang *child's name* peed in the potty, *child's name* peed in the potty, hooray, hooray, we all fall down.

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CHERYLKAY1956 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/11 9:04 A

Everyone seems to agree on putting them in panties. That's what I did with both mine (now grown, I think they are still potty trained, hummmm) Also, taking them to sit on the potty every so often helped. It's a pain and it just takes patience and time. Glad it's not me anymore. Good luck and hang in there. emoticon

RUNANDRUN SparkPoints: (52,584)
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1/22/11 11:50 P

I just took mine out of diapers. Something about having them on seemed to give them permission to do the same thing day in and day out. Works better in the summer.

EMPOWEREDMOM SparkPoints: (0)
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1/17/11 12:44 P

We are in the same boat! My little girl has been trying the potty out for some time now. I hope she has the urge to get it moving soon - diapers for two kids is killing us! We have tried stickers and M&M's and they don't work I am going to have to think of something else. Good luck!

BALANCE46 Posts: 104
1/17/11 10:59 A

I take a totally laid back approach to this subject - I just was never interested in all the fuss of taking them to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes and the worry about not just soiled clothes, but carpet and furniture! What worked for me was to let them go at their own pace, and for all 3 of mine, it was around age 3. They each decided they wanted to do it, picked out their beloved panties and that was basically it - almost no accidents at all. Pull-ups at night were required for years, but that doesn't bother me either. They each gave those up when they decided they were ready. With so many other topics that require a parents focus and attention, battling over potty issues was one I just "let go" and its worked for our family. Good luck!

1/16/11 4:01 P

Most kids are potty trained at age three, but some not until four or five. It depends on the child.

1/16/11 8:35 A

Ditto! Our oldest is getting there, no diapers or pullups since end of Nov (she is 3). We found books about little girls potty training (one is "Princess of the Potty"), with whom she can identify. It will come. DH says we save $200/mo in diapers, but we're not sure how much we spend in extra laundry!

1/9/11 11:44 A

My Daughter was 2yrs 3 months when she potty trained. NO PULL UPS! Straight big girl undies. Let her pick them out, Dora, princesses whatever. My daughter got the reward of a Tinkbell something if she stayed dry all weekend. My daughter hated the feel of poop on her so she was very fine with going right away. Keep asking if she needs to go but don't get overbearing with it. Mine actually went better if I went too so drink a ton of water yourself so that you have to go every half hour.

1/9/11 11:11 A

Oh do I feel the pain. My youngest(a boy) 3years 4 months, will just not do it. I can get him through a day where he pees on the potty all day but he won't do #2 at all.

WANNABEVERYFIT SparkPoints: (20,623)
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1/8/11 10:20 P

Hmmm- its been many years, my only daughter is now 19. I did not force the issue until she was 3. We did get conditioned to the potty chair. But I think she liked the attention she received when she had an accident in the panties, being cleaned up, etc. When she turned 3, I knew by then she knew what she was supposed to be doing, so when accidents happened, I handed her clean clothes to put on and a damp washcloth to clean up with. I agree with the previous posts; the panties under pullups to feel wet and to also help with the cleanup.

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FROGFACE84 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/11 8:25 A

I have potty trained two little girls. Good Luck! It is hard work. Pull-ups were little help except when we went out. Be prepared to spend a good week in the bathroom. WHat I did is for a weekend I had my daughters drink as much apple juice as possible and then kept them in underwear. We went to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so and just sat and read books for a LONG time until they got used to what to the feeling of having to use the bathroom. It worked each time. There will be accidents over the next year or so, but it sounds like you have a good start!

GOCOUGARS SparkPoints: (69)
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Posts: 107
1/7/11 7:48 P

I know of many parents that had had great success with help from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist (I am a Speech Therapist and work in a Pediatric Rehab center with OT and PT).

CHRISSI_MK Posts: 109
1/7/11 5:20 P

I think it really helps for kids to go at their own pace. MY oldest was fully trained before he was two. He was in no way forced and, in fact, we were shocked that he was ready. We didn't even have a potty, he used the regular toilet the first several times. At first he would go for fun and then we realized he knows when he has to go and we bought a small potty which he would run in and use when the need struck. So, not all kids who are trained before 2.5 aren't really trained.

My youngest was treated the same and ended up being trained at 3. (a bit before) My niece of the same age would use the potty a couple months earlier and he would clap for her with everyone else but he just wasn't ready until later.

I have never bought pull ups or used them because I just didn't see the point.

SHEVI12345 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/11 3:54 P

Oh man dont I know this feeling!!!!

My son has just turned three! Hes autistic and does NOT like change I have tried everything reading books to him while he goes "wee wees" had him running round the house stripped naked, picked out his own favourite undies, stickers, coins, sweets. Nothing has worked then three months ago ( September 28th to be exact) he decided to start using the potty of his own accord. I was over the moon it wasn't until last month he got chickenpox and they were really bad on his behind that the problems came back.
He went to the potty for a number one when he jumped up screaming mercilessly. From what I can gather one of his blisters must have popped and he had urinated on it causing him pain. Now he associates the potty with pain and I have to start from square one. Anyone who is having the same kind of problem would you mind giving me some pointers because I'm running out of ideas.

JENNIFER322 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 305
1/6/11 8:14 A

Our oldest was in daycare. The schedule they used was having everyone sit on the potty each hour. Which didn't really work for our child. He would sit on the potty, but not always go at that time.

What worked was the daycare teacher said to put our son in undies and a pull up over them. That way when he would go, he would have the wet sensation, but not dirty his clothes or make a mess in the daycare or home. That worked. Within 2 weeks after that he was potty trained. Accidents every now and then...but that's to be expected.

Good luck!

FITFOODIE806 Posts: 2,523
1/5/11 11:06 P

I agree with PP that said to get rid of Pull-ups. Your child needs to feel if they are wet. My daughter turned 2 last week and she is in the process of training. We use cloth diapers when we go out right now. No accidents and she can still feel if she is wet. It's working for us right now. Good luck!

KLPEFFERS Posts: 987
1/4/11 2:59 P

I agree with Alecia. I didn't train my daughter based on the fact that I watch my in-laws force their son to sit on the toilet every half hour. Then when they would miss a 30 minute scheduled toilet time he would have an accident because he had no idea what it felt like to "have to go". My girl was 21/2 and completely trained based on having to go. Sure it was a little later than I had hoped for, but looking back it was far less stressful for us all. And it made her feel like she was doing something herself. We of course sugested to her and rewarded her and encouraged her to do it too.

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
1/3/11 8:12 P

We had so much trouble training our first, and still sometimes have issues with her. So, at my pediatricians advice, with my second, I waited until she basically trained herself. We got the training potty and showed her how to use it when she was around 2, but left it up to her. She trained herself (diapers to no accidents) in about 2 weeks right before she turned three. My third just turned 2 and I plan to do the same thing. This avoids all the power struggles, and also the fact that most kids who are "potty trained" before 2 1/2, aren't really trained to go when they need to. Their parents are trained to put them on the potty. If you have time - great! Go for it! I always got frustrated with that.

Good luck!

LAWOMAN2 Posts: 367
1/3/11 5:16 P

I HATE POTTY TRAINING!!! I have 3 girls. The 13 yo was a breeze....and the babysitter did most of it!! lol. The 7yo...WOW we tried everything. Finally, instead of the stickers and M&Ms we used pennies. She loved money so that worked better. But we still had issues until the ballet teacher told her she couldn't do ballet in pullups (which she could...but she was trying to help anyway she could!) THAT WORKED. She was 3 almost 4 by the time it was finally all done. Now the baby is 19 mos. and I am ready to start. While we were not trying to train her, she has sat on the toliet for months and does sometimes go. Figured maybe baby steps would be easier. Good Luck and keep in touch with me....we will get through this together!!

ALEXIA17LOVE Posts: 588
1/3/11 4:26 P

oh, wow, good tips!
I'd like to start working on it sooner than 2years old though. My ideal goal was to potty train my son by 1. but of course with a full time job, and a daddy who's watching him and not really knowing how to potty train, that didn't happen! I'm going to be home with baby #2 for 3 months and i'll make an attempt again to potty train, he'll be 18 months then, and i don't think it's too early. :)

GOCOUGARS SparkPoints: (69)
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1/2/11 1:49 P

I have 4 children (14, 10, 8, and almost 2). my first 3 started potty training (or more like potty conditioning) at age 2. All three of them were different; however, there were a few things that worked for all of them: schedule, no pull ups (except for night time and when we went out), buying cute underwear with them, reinforcement, and consequence. For reinforcement, I used stickers. We bought the cutest or coolest stickers. I let them chose them and we made a big deal about it. the stickers that create a scene or an object were great. I did not do food reinforcement because that's not the way I wanted them to view foods. For consequence, if they wet or soiled their underwear then they had to help me clean them.

In two months, I will start potty training the baby (when she turns 2). First we will get her a potty and get her used to it. Then we will go and get her cute underwear that she will chose--I am hoping we can find Spongebob or Dinosaur Train underwear--and stickers. Finally, we will put her on a 30 min. schedule, where she will have to sit for a few minutes in the potty every 30 min. While she is sitting in the potty I will give her books to look at and encourage her to go "pipi." when she does go "pipi" I will make a big deal about it, show her to clean and wash her hands, and then she will get put a sticker on the reward sheet. If she doesn't go, I'll reassure her that we will try again later and that it is ok.

I wish you success with your daughter.

PIXIE03 Posts: 22
1/1/11 7:03 P

Our daughter was trained shortly after she turned 2. We would set a timer for every 45 min and when it went off she would have to sit on her potty. At first she would only sit for a min or two but as time went on she would sit longer. When she did go we gave her M&M's (her fave candy which she doesn't get a lot) if you don't want to go the candy way, stickers would worke also if your daughter is into them. We did keep a diaper on her during this process. Within no time she got the idea down and we put her in underwear (we would still ask her if she had to go every hour). We used pullups just for the night(and still do, she just turned 3) or when we went out to the stores (she was afraid of public bathrooms for a long time). Just take your time and don't rush it. And when she is potty trained still expect accidents.

1/1/11 4:28 P

Get rid of the pullups. She does not have the sensation of having an accident. When she is in big girl panties and does have an accident, let it stay there for just a little bit (no more than 5 minutes) and take her to change her, but have her help other words, don't let her lay on a changing table, make her stand and assist.

Also, put her on a potty schedule. Take her to sit on the potty every half hour or so, as well as right after she has had drink or food.

For positive reinforcement put a covered bowl of M&Ms on the back of the toilet, and when one of the kids had success, they got one after they flushed and washed.

ANBIGGS SparkPoints: (0)
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1/1/11 2:59 P

So this whole pottytraining thing is really becoming very hard and I was just wondering if anyone has any tips that they could give me. My little girl is 2 1/2 and she is okay with the potty sometimes but really just doesnt care about it. I know that we put her in pullups too early so we are having issues there with her really not understanding the difference anymore. So if anyone has any tips please feel free to comment thanks!!

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