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6/8/13 5:22 P

If you're eating enough fruits and veggies, it's almost impossible not to get enough potassium. Also, the potassium in food is different from the potassium in supplements. Your body won't absorb excess from food (unless you have certain kidney problems), but it's hard to get rid of the supplement form. You should never take a supplement without being monitored by a doctor.

You'll also notice that potassium supplements have only a TINY amount per pill. That's deliberate, to reduce the chance of a fatal overdose. Even so, it's better not to mess with them unless your doctor has tested you (and/or examined your diet) and determined for sure that you need more.

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
6/8/13 2:20 P

Vegetables and fruits are AMAZING sources. Swiss chard, spinach, asparagus, spaghetti squash, heck any squash, potatoes, carrots.......

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6/8/13 1:54 P

I would not add potassium without speaking to my doctor first. The body seeks to balance potassium and sodium. When these are out of sync your heart can act up.

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6/8/13 4:50 A

There's a lot of great info. and suggestions there.
Thank you very much!!!!

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6/8/13 4:29 A

If you are fairly close to it according to your tracker, I would be inclined to say that you are getting plenty - more than you realize.

Here are a couple links you may find helpful:

(Dietitian Becky's post - just after the original poster)


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6/8/13 4:06 A

slimmerkiwi, I am fairy close to the lowest requirement, according to my tracker so are you saying that I am probably getting more than is indicated? I definitely feel better having become more conscious of it, and I no longer get leg cramps at night so perhaps I am getting enough...?

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6/8/13 3:53 A

Please do NOT resort to Potassium Supplements UNLESS your Dr prescribes them. Too much Potassium can be fatal, and if not fatal, can cause some serious health issues, including with your heart.

A simple blood test can tell if you have enough Potassium in your system.

Disregard what the trackers say about the Potassium, Iron etc., because the manufacturers aren't legally bound to include them in the Nutrition Label. Also, some of the Nutritional info you would get from other SP Members are inaccurate.


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6/8/13 3:47 A

I have been trying very hard to eat the right foods to reach my potassium goal ("heart healthy" level) but, even though I am eating many high potassium foods, I am still falling short of it almost every day. Any suggestions on how to up my levels w/o taking supplements?

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