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7/16/14 7:24 A

PEANUT is correct.
If you are using our SP nutrition database that is from the USDA, then potassium is included.
If you are using entries added by members--- these do not contain potassium for the info is not listed on a food label.

To get the most accurate nutrition report---use the USDA entries whenever possible.


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7/15/14 9:12 P

I find that I can't get enough potassium according to my feedback each day - usually recording less than half the recommended allowance. I suspect that a lot of the foods I track have potassium in them, but it has not been logged into the database. I worried about it at first, but now realize if blood tests don't pick up a problem at semi-annual checkup time, it must not matter. I do not have blood pressure issues.

7/12/14 10:00 A

I assume you mean your "blood" potassium level; not your dietary intake level????

Small changes (being too high or too low) in your blood potassium level can be very dangerous.

This site, our experts, nor members can "safely" tell you how to handle this since we really don't know what is going on or causing the situation.

Please check back with your doctor and find out what the appropriate treatment is.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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7/12/14 1:58 A

If it was your Dr who told you it was too high, he/she should have told you ways to reduce it. Things like peeling potatoes and soaking them and emptying out the water and and replacing it with fresh, or eating less bananas. Below is a link to a Blog "Hgh Potassium Foods for a Healthy Balance" By Tanya Jolliffe,

It tells you the foods high in Potassium, so these would be the ones you would need to limit, however, I will suggest that you ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian to ensure that by decreasing Potassium, you aren't also decreasing other essential nutrients.


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7/12/14 12:50 A

How high? Have you discussed the cause of this with your doc?

7/11/14 11:40 P

have trouble keeping mine at good level

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7/11/14 11:09 P

Did your doctor tell you it was high and you should lower it?

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7/11/14 9:53 P

I was informed that my potassium level is high. What can I do to lower my potassium intake.

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