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1/16/14 11:52 A

Do a GOOGLE IMAGE search for "Meme", there are lots of examples there...

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1/16/14 11:49 A

I've never heard of "memes", and I don't think anyone can post to my timeline.I think that's how it was set up. Facebook is okay, but I'm not really into it.

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1/16/14 11:05 A

@Blue - his occupation is 'stay at home dog' and he studied at PetSmart Training Center (class of 2007)

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1/16/14 10:46 A

OBIESMOM2: I love that the FB page in your family is the Dog's domain. Very Very Cool

1/16/14 6:16 A

Wow! So I broke my own rule but in my defense i believe they totally had it coming. The person I'm referring to isn't a single person, they have have a shared page (idk why but I suspect one doesn't trust the other) and so the last "meme" they posted to my timeline about people who won't hit like because they don't believe in God (I do, btw, I just don't shove it down other's throats like they do) I resent it back to them......that was three days ago and I haven't heard a word from either of them since.

I KNOW, I KNOW, I stooped down to their level but it worked, problem solved until I have to see them at my girlfriend's next family function.


EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
1/15/14 10:08 A

Nobody has ever posted a meme on my wall directly. Sometimes I see things posted by my FB friends that I don't like or disagree with but since it is their business and not mine what they post, I just move on.

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1/15/14 8:07 A

I've been active on FB since about 2008, and so far nobody has ever posted such a meme on my timeline.

If they did, and it was something I disagreed with, I would delete it. If they started doing this more often, I might reconsider whether I want them on my FB friend list at all. And I have NEVER deleted anybody from my list yet, but can't say there won't be a first time.

1/14/14 5:18 P

Are they posting directly to you or are they posting and it is ending up on your wall because you get their posts. There is a difference and different fixes for both

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1/14/14 4:52 P

I have never had this done to me and I have never done it to anyone else. I would be unlikely to be/remain friends with anyone posting religious memes. I do have a few Muslim friends who occasionally post spiritual thoughts in Arabic, but they aren't offensive at all or designed to be directed at anybody in a negative way.

I don't tolerate passive-aggressive behavior AT maybe people know better than to do this to me.

Maybe you should hide or unfriend these people. It really sounds like they are not adding anything positive to your life or to your enjoyment of Facebook.

1/14/14 12:13 P

@Mandie: hence the slight disclaimer at the end of my original post, lol!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,577
1/14/14 11:58 A

If I like those memes, I will share them. Unless I think they specifically will appeal to someone. Then I will tag someone, or send it to them.

I would never tag a person in a meme that was opposed to their views. To me that is inflammatory and just stirring the pot.

Getting ready for the "I dunno I don't have Facebook" posts LOL

Edited by: MANDIETERRIER1 at: 1/14/2014 (11:59)
1/14/14 11:39 A

well, it's my future brother and sister-in-law (my girlfriend's brother and his wife). I'm okay with their bashing of my politics and my lack of conviction with their religion when it's face-to-face because I just smile (just like someone mentioned in another thread) but the passive-aggressiveness through facebook...... oy!

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
1/14/14 10:47 A

I rarely post things to others timelines. I also don't tag people in things. I also don't let others tag me in most things, there's a way to force them to ask my permission before it goes anywhere. If I see something that I think is really relevant for someone specific I will send it as a private message and if they want to post it to their page then it allows them to do it that way. I'm mostly a stalker on FB, I don't post much so I try to keep things as easy as possible. However, if someone posts something to my wall or tags me in something I dislike I just delete it. If it happens over and over I limit that person's ability to post things to me. Eventually I'll unfriend them if I ask them to stop and they won't. They can't be much of a friend if they continually do things in opposition to what I'm directly asking them.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (255,340)
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1/14/14 10:05 A

the FB page is our dog's. He will let us post on it, but we have to behave. He's very, very picky about accepting friend requests.

if somebody was to bombard his page with things contrary to his views...well, golden retrievers CAN get angry. GRRRRRRRRR

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1/14/14 9:40 A

If someone is "bombarding" me with memes then, that's enough for me to nix their ability to post on my wall at all. I've done that too for people who constantly invite me to FB games. For most of my FB aquaitences, they're already in a list that allows them to comment on things that I post but they can't directly post on my wall. I've found that this cuts down on a lot of the junk.

I'm like you in that I'll only post it on a particular person's wall if I think it's really pertinent to them. More often, I'll post it on my wall but tag the people who I really want to see it in the post. That way I'm not cluttering up their wall but still drawing their attention to it.

1/14/14 9:30 A

for what?
Political affirmation or persuasion?
Religious affirmation or persuasion?

For me when I see a "meme" I like I just hit "share" and never post it to someone else's timeline unless it's totally funny and pertinent to them and at that only my closet friends that I see frequently.

What I "get" from people posting political or religious memes directly to my timeline, especially when they know my views are in opposition of what theirs is, is either letting me know I am wrong or trying to persuade me to their thinking.

This is usually not from "close" friends or family but from acquaintances or extended family members whom I may or may not have had a closer relationship to in the past.

I think if someone on facebook has an issue or belief or stance or opinion to announce or prove or whatever they ought to just post it and let their fb friends hit "like" or share it.

Facebook does give users that ability to hit post or hide or ignore (I can't remember what they actually are right now) and when it's a "meme" I don't agree I simply delete it but it's the notion that bothers me and I just KNOW that if I were to do that I'd get scathing responses.

Oh well, so here's my "question"; How do you feel about either posting "memes" on other people's timeline or getting one's posted to yours (or bombarded)?

*This thread assumes that since you're about to reply that you use FaceBook.

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