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DOE1164 Posts: 103
1/26/13 3:32 A

Wow. You are all fantastic and so helpful emoticon . Thank you!
Yes. As much as I want to exercise etc. I'm hanging tough and not doing anything until I talk with my doctor again on Monday. I definitely appreciate the eyesight the good Lord has blessed me with, and will not jeopardize that in any way, shape, or form! Adjusting my exercise here, is an excellent idea and one I'm going to do right this minute. Thanks again!

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1/24/13 1:17 P

I also just had eye surgery and have the same instructions. This is my third time having eye surgery since October. I am trying to be more diligent with what I eat. I have gained a few pounds (4), but I'll take care of that when I get cleared. I'm hoping when I can start again, it will come off quickly the first week and I'll catch up.

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1/24/13 8:30 A

as far as diet, there are usually no restrictions relating to the surgery, so feel free to eat as you normally do... it is basically just restrictions on activity that can increase the pressure in your eyes that is of most concern. I hope all goes well, and you have a speedy recovery!

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1/24/13 8:26 A

I work in cataract day surgery often, and it is an absolute MUST that you follow your post-op directions and do NOT exercise. You risk major damage and complications. Sit tight, and get the ok from your surgeon before attempting ANY exercise after cataract surgery!

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1/24/13 8:02 A

Set yourself to maintenance, and focus on resting and healing.

Yes, I know, it's a pain, but attempting to lose weight or exercise while recovering from surgery is a recipe for disaster! Setting yourself to maintenance will let you maintain your weight, and give your body the fuel it needs to function and heal the best. Not to mention, it'll let you practice being at your goal weight!

When you are ready to begin again you need to talk to your *doctor* about what you can do, eat, and when.

Also: Thank you for spelling "bated breath" properly. (So tired of people talking about fish breath. LOL)

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1/24/13 1:21 A

1) don't exercise! Your doc isn't saying that to mess with your routine. You can ruin the surgery by doing so!!!! My uncle who also had cataract surgery was told he wasn't even allowed to lift anything for a couple weeks or fly anywhere because the pressure difference could basically make his eye pop -_-;
2) post-op, your body is using a lot of cellular repair machinery, and the operation itself has stressed your body as an organism. It will need calories to repair the damage and help you heal, so I wouldn't diet at the moment, either.
Yes, you might gain a few pounds. Yes, you might feel out of it or whatever. Is it worth ruining your eyesight?
I had a surprise mini op yesterday (I went in to make the apt, and the dermatologist had a hole an hour later so she laser removed this mole that I needed done before I flew out in Feb), real minor stuff but it has to scab over, so while I was advised not to let it tan for a while after the scab falls off, when I asked about exercise she said I can, but that it might make the resulting mark bigger... sooooo
no exercise for me as well; at least until the scab is nice and solid, so hopefully monday -_-;
Not the best feeling, but the scar's gonna mar my elbow forever, you know?

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1/23/13 10:53 P

Don't exercise if you were told not to! Go into fitness setup and where it says "If you know how many calories you burn each week, enter it here" and put 0 so that your nutrition tracker can readjust if it needs to.

DOE1164 Posts: 103
1/23/13 10:49 P

I was told Monday after my cataract replacement that I cannot exercise for 1-2 weeks.
Yikes! emoticon I know when I don't, even for a day and with eating sensibly, I put on weight. Exercising is a "must-do" in this girl's life!
Any suggestions with what to do food-wise and excerise-wise? Your input is awaited for with bated breath! :-)

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