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SWEET152 Posts: 6
3/14/13 3:09 P

Hi cara,

I to sometimes have a problem with portion control. But like one of the girls who posted said that a portion should be no bigger than your fist. That is true. If its bigger than that than its getting more things in there that you are trying to keep out. You especially don't want to go over if you re trying to lose weight. Maybe we can help each other with this :)

2/23/13 9:46 P

I always make the seving size as soon as I get the item. I love goldfish crackers, so when I get a new box I always instantly put it into a correct serving size. Tat way if I want more I have to go get another sandwhich bag rather than just eating another handful.

ALEXIS-14 Posts: 78
2/8/13 10:00 A

A few secrets I learned about portion control:
Use smaller utensils (ex. use a baby spoon)
Use a smaller plate (it will look more full and you will think you're eating more than you are!)
Always drink water with your meals (it helps you feel more full)
Take smaller bites
Chew your food longer

Hope some of these will work for you! And good luck! :)

COACH_TANYA Posts: 3,815
2/7/13 12:19 P

This slide show and the linked related content should be helpful in learning portion control information.

10 Portion Control Pointers: SparkPeople SlideShow

Coach Tanya

2/6/13 6:16 P

you would be surprised how little a true portion size actually is. schools, restaurants, and stores are increasing the sizes...
Something that you could try is eating off of a little plate (I have a super cute Hello Kitty plate :D) Only have enough to filler 1 plateful (without high piles of food)
eat salad before eating to want less
drink lots of water
eat slowly
a portion of any meat should be no bigger than your fist

2/6/13 6:00 P

I have started the spark diet, and one of my fast break rules was portion control, but I seem to be having a problem when I comes to doing this. I don't know how much of what to eat, and how to stop myself from eating too much. Someone please help!

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